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Three companies that have led the oil refining industry Merger

Over a history spanning more than 100 years, we have provided society with various values through products and services by combining the know-how and strengths cultivated by each company and creating synergistic effects. We will continue to refine our strengths to become a " Oishisa Design company" that masters "oil" and creates Good Taste that moves the heart.

Ajinomoto Oil Mills Creativity
Honen Corporation Challenging Spirit
Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd. Exploration Spirit

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Ajinomoto Oil Mills

The Kumazawa family builds a waterwheel oil mill in Owari Ichinomiya

Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd.

"Yoshiwara Shoten" was founded by taking over the business of the oil wholesaler Kawada family.

Honen Corporation (Honen Oil Co., Ltd.)

Establishment of South Manchuria Railway Co., Ltd. (Mantetsu)

Honen Corporation (Honen Oil Co., Ltd.)

Launched " soybean Cooking Oil" made using the caustic soda refining method. In later years, the brand name was changed to "Honen Oil" and it is still a well-known and well-known brand in Business use market.

Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd.

Golden Salad Oil launched (cottonseed oil)

Ajinomoto Oil Mills

Released 800g and 1400g cans Household use tempura oil. Sold in supermarkets in its early days and quickly spread to households.

Honen Corporation (Honen Oil Co., Ltd.)

Established Honen Liba Co., Ltd. as bread became popular, margarine products became popular in households.

Ajinomoto Oil Mills

"Marime" (creaming powder) launched

Honen Corporation (Honen Oil Co., Ltd.)

Launch of “High Linoleic Acid Salad Oil Series” Household use

Ajinomoto Oil Mills

"Olive Oil Pure Extra Virgin" launched

Ajinomoto Oil Mills Honen Corporation (Honen Oil Co., Ltd.)

Honen Corporation and Ajinomoto Oil Mills Co., Inc. merge to form holding company Hounen Ajinomoto Oil Mills, Ltd.

Harunen Ajinomoto Oil Mills Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd.

2003 (Heisei 15) Yoshihara Oil Mill participates in business integration and changes the holding company name to "J-OIL MILLS, INC."


Absorption-Merger of each business subsidiary and complete integration of business and business subsidiaries as "J-OIL MILLS, INC."


Business use oil “Cho Cho Toku Toku” is newly launched, becoming a long-selling economical oil that contributes to cost reduction.


The company took over the sales business of Business use processed oils and fats and fats, and confectionery and bread ingredients from its consolidated subsidiary, Honen Lever Co., Ltd.


Entered the powder Oils and Fats Business business and completed the construction of a manufacturing Plant at Shizuoka Plant (currently Shizuoka Plant).


Established J-OILMILLS (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and MHCB Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

June 2017

The Kurashiki Plant was completed in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture as a base for soybean oil extraction in western Japan.


Opened a complex presentation facility "Oishisa design studio" in Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

February 2019

Three of our wholly owned subsidiaries, Yokohama Pack Co., Ltd., J-Service Co., Ltd., and Golden Service Co., Ltd., have merged to form J-Pack Co., Ltd.


Formed a business and capital alliance with Premium Nutrients Pte. Ltd, a holding company based in Singapore.

October 2020

"J-With, Inc. Ltd.'' and " Nikka Oil Mills Co., Ltd.".

April 2021

Renewed corporate philosophy. At the same time, Communication brand "JOYL" was introduced.


Sold all shares of consolidated subsidiary J-Chemical Co., Ltd.

April 2022

Moved from the First Section to the Prime Market due to a review of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market classification.

October 2023

Established Oilseed Processing Partners Japan, Ltd. as a joint venture with Nisshin Oilli Group Co., Ltd. Kurashiki Plant was transferred to a joint venture company.