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J-OIL MILLS in numbers

Company features

Consolidated sales

Consolidated sales
FY2022 results

2,604​ ​billion yen

(+29.2% compared to previous year)

Number of consolidated companies

Number of consolidated companies as of the end of FY2022

4 companies

  • 2 domestic companies
  • 2 overseas companies (1 company in Thailand, 1 company in Malaysia)
Number of employees in Japan and overseas

Number of employees in Japan and overseas as of the end of FY2022

1,330 people

production base

Production base as of the end of 2022

8 locations

  • 7 domestic locations
  • 1 overseas location (1 location in Malaysia)

Business features and strengths

soybean, canola, etc.
Annual amount of raw materials used

2021 results

1.65 million tons

within Japan
Business use * edible oils
Sales volume share
* restaurant / ready-made meal market

Our estimate for fiscal year 2022

Household use edible oils release



AOCS * of
Olive oil
Regarding sensory evaluation
Skill evaluation test

2021 results

*American Oil Chemists' Society