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Respect for human rights

Formulation of human rights policy

Our company formulated a "Human Rights Policy" in fiscal 2020 and is working to respect the human rights of our stakeholders.

Promotion system

Our company promotes initiatives to respect human rights through Human Rights Subcommittee established under Sustainability Committee and Compliance Subcommittee under Risk Management Committee. Sustainability Committee and Risk Management Committee regularly report their activities to Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and Executive Committee and Board of Directors have the function of Supervise and instructing these activities. Our Group established the "J-OIL MILLS Group Human Rights Policy" in 2020 and has been initiatives to respect human rights. Considering the importance of human rights risks and the degree of impact they would have if they materialized, we have clarified "human rights risks" as management risks starting in fiscal 2022, and are managing them with priority at Risk Management Committee.

Overall picture of initiatives to respect human rights

Overall picture of initiatives to respect human rights

Conducting human rights due diligence

We conduct human rights due diligence to ensure the effectiveness of our Human Rights Policy.
Based on the "Guidelines for Respecting Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains," we identified issues and stakeholders in establishing a human rights DD process, and organized our current situation and considerations. Going forward, we will prioritize issues based on their urgency and importance, decide on countermeasures, and move forward with initiatives.

Initiatives Stakeholders Main issues recognition Counter-measure
Human rights DD In impact assessment
Dialogue with stakeholders
Employee Lack of ability to assess impact by approaching employees directly Conducting human rights impact assessments on employees
Overseas Group companies Regarding overseas corporations, no survey has been conducted for Malaysian corporations.
As with the Thai-based company that has already been investigated, it is necessary to understand the situation.
Commencement of investigation to understand the actual situation of subsidiaries in Malaysia
For continuous impact assessment
Creating a system
Supplier Based on the analysis results of SAQ conducted for business partners in FY2022
Dealing with suppliers
(Improvement requests, monitoring, etc.)
Feedback and engagement with suppliers (conducting dialogue with suppliers)
Be in a vulnerable position
Response to stakeholders
Foreign technical intern trainee Although we are conducting interviews with contracting companies,
Foreign technical intern trainees who are actually affected
Direct dialogue is preferable.
Direct dialogue with foreign technical intern trainees
Trying to start a new business activity
or when attempting to enter into a new business relationship.
Impact assessment
Supplier ESG perspectives are not included in the decision-making process for new transactions Added ESG perspectives including human rights to new business partner evaluations
Evaluation of effectiveness of human rights DD All stakeholders Check if issues has improved
Building a monitoring function
After determining the ideal state,
Establishment of qualitative and quantitative indicators and creation of a system for evaluating effectiveness
Continuous information disclosure
It is desirable to enhance disclosure related to human rights. Enhancing continuous disclosure in integrated reports and online
Remedy Establishment of a grievance mechanism Overseas Group companies Confirming whether consultation desks at overseas Group companies are sufficiently well-known For overseas Group companies,
Strengthen awareness activities regarding the use of consultation desks (internal and external)
External stakeholders Establishment of a consultation desk and system development that external stakeholders can access Selection of candidates for external organizations for consultation and
decision-making process for relief;
Establishment of a system for remedial measures such as clarifying the person responsible

Initiatives to respect human rights in the supply chain

We have established the "Sustainable Procurement Policy and Standards" and are working with our suppliers to promote sustainable procurement that takes human rights and the environment into consideration.
In order to ensure responsible procurement of palm oil, which is one of the most issues oils and fats raw materials, we have joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011 and formulated our Palm oil procurement policy in 2020. In addition, in August 2022, we joined the Roundtable on Responsible soybean (RTRS) and formulated our soybean Sourcing Policy. As for soybean, which are one of the important raw materials that support our business activities, we will strive to procure soybean in a transparent and responsible manner.
We share our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Standards, Palm oil procurement policy, and soybean Procurement Policy with our business partners and are promoting initiatives that consider human rights and the environment throughout the entire supply chain.

Initiatives to improve employee awareness

Our company provides sustainability training (*formerly CSR training) to our employees. We explain the meaning of companies working on human rights, including case studies of the business impact of human rights violations, and promote raising awareness of human rights and creating a culture of respect for human rights.
In addition, as part of initiatives to prevent harassment, we are initiatives to protect the human rights of our employees through thorough initiatives of our whistle-blowing system (helpline consultation desk) and the Cassiopeia W Project to promote diversity. Masu.

Mechanism for dialogue between employees and the company

We respect the right of employees to join labor unions, freedom of association, and collective bargaining. Based on the labor agreement concluded between our company and J-OIL MILLS Labor Union, labor and management discuss various working conditions and cooperate to create a comfortable working environment. Our company has 727 labor union members, and the labor union membership rate is 100% (2023).

Wage management

Our company complies with the legal minimum wage based on the Labor Standards Act and labor-management agreements.