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Business area

Oils and fats business


Oils and Fats Business is our main business, mainly importing grains from overseas, processing them into two types, oil and oilseed meal, and meal. As professionals in the oil industry, we aim to realize "Oishisa Design", with safety and security as the basics, and from general-purpose products used in a wide range of applications to cooking, seasoning, and cooking products that are unique to oil. We aim to develop a wide range of products, including high value-added products with various health functions, and to contribute not only to Good Taste but also to solving issues by customers and society.

Specialty food products business


"Specialty" embodies our desire to "provide high value-added products that are unique to our company." Through products that use unique processing and application technologies for plant-based raw materials such as oil, starch, and protein, we provide value based on the theme of "good taste, health, and low burden" both domestically and internationally, and help solve social issues. We aim to contribute.

Dairy PBF business

The dairy plant-based food (PBF: plant-based alternative food) market is expanding rapidly around the world due to social factors such as health consciousness and environmental awareness, and is expected to continue to grow. In the fall of 2021, we began selling plant-based cheese (Household use and Business use) under the brand name "Violife." We will continue to accelerate the expansion of the PBF market and brand penetration, and provide products with new value that meet the needs of our customers.
We develop and sell a wide range of oils and fats processed products such as margarine and shortening, utilizing our unique processing technology and technology for imparting flavor. In addition to developing long-established brands such as "Meister®", in recent years we have been developing unique products that combine starch and processed oils and fats for a wide range of applications, from Household use to Business use.

Food materials business

We develop and sell starch products made from corn and tapioca, supplements, processed foods, functional ingredients for cosmetics, and soybean protein foods.
For starch products, we utilize our unique processing technology to deliver texture Solutions to customers through the TXdeSIGN series, which has added value such as improved texture.
In the area of functional materials, we utilize our extraction and purification technology to produce trace ingredients such as tocopherols (vitamin E), soybean isoflavones, and vitamin K2 derived from bacillus natto, which our customers can use in supplements and processed foods. We process it into easy-to-use shapes and sell it. We are also expanding sales of vegetable oils and vitamins used as raw materials for cosmetics. We support the realization of a "healthier life" with unique materials that bring out the potential of plants and nature.