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As the impact of corporate activities on society increases,
Corporate management that takes the environment, society, and governance (ESG) into consideration is required.
At J-OIL MILLS, we position ESG initiatives as the foundation of our business activities.
We will initiatives our best to solve global social issues.
By realizing our corporate vision of "Joy for Life ®︎,"
We aim to be a sustainable value-creating company.

Member of the Board, Executive Officer, President & CEO Tatsuya Sato

In order to realize a sustainable society, we will face social changes and embody "Joy for Life® - Bringing joy to the future through food."

In order to realize a sustainable society, we will face social changes and embody "Joy for Life® - Bringing joy to the future through food."

The J-Oil Mills Group has formulated “Joy for Life®: Bringing joy to the future by food” as the vision that represents the future it aims for. In this vein, we strive to realize a sustainable society. With our origins as a supplier of oils essential in our lives, through good taste, health, and low burden, we endeavor to bring more joy into the future. These are the concepts inherent to our concept of “Joy for Life®.” The environment surrounding the food industry presents a wide range of challenges, and promoting sustainability is essential to achieving our vision.

Last year, the Group revised its priority materiality, defining the new materiality as “realizing a sustainable society through stable food supply,” “contributing to the well-being of all through food safety and security,” “respect for diversity and enhancement of employee engagement,” and “strengthening corporate governance.” Nowadays, it has become natural for companies to take responsibility to help realize a sustainable society and contribute to people's well-being. To pass the world's limited resources on to future generations, our generation needs to do more than just reduce its environmental impact. Recently, the importance of “Business and Human Rights” in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment has been attracting attention. Such initiatives are of growing international concern from the perspective of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to efforts to reduce environmental impact, we consider respect for human rights to be a fundamental premise of our corporate activities, and accordingly, we promote sustainable procurement initiatives in our supply chain.

The J-Oil Mills Group's value/purpose is to reap nature's potential and support efforts to supply food of reliable quality. We will continue working with our stakeholders to enhance corporate value and resolve social issues.

April 2024

J-オイルミルズグループは企業理念体系において「Joy for Life®-食で未来によろこびを-」を目指すべき未来(ビジョン)とし、持続可能な社会の実現を目指しています。生活に欠かせない「あぶら」を原点に、おいしさ×健康×低負荷で、未来のよろこびを増やしたい。それが「Joy for Life®︎」に込めた想いです。食を取り巻く環境は多岐にわたる課題を抱えており、目指すべき未来の実現にはサステナビリティ推進が不可欠です。



April 2024

Member of the Board, Executive Officer, President & CEO Tatsuya Sato

Tatsuya Sato

Water drop image of J-OIL MILLS' materiality (things we value)

J-OIL MILLS’ materiality (things we value)

As social issues become more complex, we identify Materiality we will prioritize and regularly review, taking into account trends in international society.

Introduction to ESG initiatives

Editorial policy

J-OIL MILLS' sustainability website/integrated report is edited according to the following policy. We will explain and report on the role our company plays in realizing a prosperous and sustainable society, our initiatives that lead to solving social and environmental issues, and the creation and provision of value through our business.

Target range Based on J-OIL MILLS, INC. and our Group.
Target period The focus is on fiscal year 2022 (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023). Some of the content includes content from before the target period and from the most recent period.
Reference guidelines
  • United Nations Global Compact, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) GRI Standards
  • Ministry of the Environment “Environmental Reporting Guidelines”
  • Japan Standards Association “ISO26000: 2010 Social Responsibility Guidance”
  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) “International Integrated Reporting Framework”
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Integrated Disclosure and Dialogue Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation”
Publication date October 2023 (next publication scheduled for around October 2024)
Integrated report “J-OIL MILLS Report 2023”