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Research and development of J-OIL MILLS

Oishisa Design
~ Research and development at J-OIL MILLS

In order to realize our corporate philosophy "Joy for Life ®︎", our research and development department is developing "Oishisa Design" technology and products every day.
The research and development at J-OIL MILLS is to design Good Taste of the crispy tempura and finely textured sponge shortcakes that we eat every day.


Based on the knowledge we have cultivated through research on plant-derived materials, we focus on technological development, product development, and Application development in order to respond to issues faced by customers and society.
We solve issues through the value that only J-OIL MILLS can create, by combining our knowledge of food ingredients such as oils and fats, processed oils, starches, and proteins, which are our main businesses.

Research area and structure

In order to deliver "Oishisa design," we have positioned product development and Application development as priority areas based on fundamental technology. We are also working with related departments to continue improving the functionality of containers and packaging.

Technology development

Pursuing the possibilities of materials

Product development

Improving the value provided for customer satisfaction

Application development

Using integrated research and development as a starting point for solving issues

containers and packaging

Ease of use, maintaining freshness, reducing environmental impact

Papers, lectures, conference presentations

We would like to introduce our past papers, lectures, and conference presentations.

Preventing fraud in research activities using public funds
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