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Dividends/Shareholder benefits

Dividend policy

The Company strives to maintain a stable return of profits to shareholders, and distributes stable and appropriate profits from a long-term perspective, including internal reserves necessary for strengthening the corporate structure and actively developing business. This is our basic policy. In the 6th Medium-Term Business Plan, we will allocate cash flow generated through earnings expansion to investment for growth, and aim to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40% to steadily and continuously strengthen returns to shareholders. We will continue to.

Regarding the use of internal reserves, we will aim to strengthen our earnings structure and management base, and will effectively use them as investment funds that will contribute to increasing corporate value.

Dividend trends

(Unit: Yen)


Contents of shareholder benefit system

In order to make shareholder benefits more attractive, in addition to our products, we will be offering coupons for our official onlineshop, based on the number of our shares held, from the gifts to shareholders as of March 31, 2021. We have changed to a system where you can choose to make a donation.

subject Shareholders recorded in the shareholder register as of March 31 of each year
Number of shares owned More than 200 stocks
Benefits details
200 shares or more but less than 600 shares
We will give you "our own products worth 3,000 yen".
600 or more shares but less than 1,000 shares
You can choose from "Official online shop coupon worth 5,000 yen", "In-house products worth 5,000 yen", or "Donation".
1,000 or more shares
You can choose from "8,000 yen official online shop coupon", "5,000 yen worth of our own products and 3,000 yen official online shop coupon", or "donation".
Presentation period Early October ~ (planned)

Donation to “Certified NPO United Nations WFP Association”
The donations will be used to provide food assistance to developing countries through the donation program of the United Nations WFP Association, a certified NPO that is the official support center for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).
WFP is the United Nations' only food aid agency whose mission is to eradicate hunger, and its main activities include emergency assistance in times of disaster and conflict, improving nutritional status, and providing school meals. provides food assistance to over 100 million people.
Among initiatives of the United Nations WFP Association, our company supports the "School Lunch Support" initiative, which provides nutritious school meals free of charge to children in developing countries, and has chosen to donate the amount equivalent to the preferential treatment based on the will of our shareholders. receive.
*Please note that we cannot issue receipts to shareholders.

-Donation report-

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the shareholders who chose to make a donation as part of the 2023 shareholder benefits program.
We would like to report our donations to the certified NPO United Nations WFP Association as follows.

Selected shareholders: 53 people
Total donation: 382,000 yen
Donation date: August 31, 2023