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Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Expressing the future we aim for, our mission, and our values/raison d'etre,
We have established a new corporate philosophy system (Vision, Mission, Values/Purpose).

J-OIL MILLS business

Business information

Starting with oil, which is essential to daily life, we draw out the possibilities from nature's blessings and continue to support food with reliable quality.

  • Oils and fats business

    Oils and fats business

    We handle various types of fats and oils such as canola oil and olive oil, as well as oilseed meal.

  • Specialty food products business

    Specialty food products business

    We handle dairy and meat substitute foods made from plant materials (plant-based foods: PBF), processed oil and fat products such as margarine, shortening, and powdered oils and fats, and functionally improved materials centered on starch.

  • At home

    At home


  • At the store (Business use)

    At the store (Business use)

    We focus on the new value that oil can have, such as seasoning/flavor effects and long-lasting effectiveness, and are working to pursue Good taste and solve customers' issues.

  • At a processed food plant

    At a processed food plant

    Our oils and margarine are used in a variety of ways in the products of major processed food manufacturers.


Company history

J-OIL MILLS has a history of over 100 years
It was created in 2004 through Merger of three companies.

  • Ajinomoto Oil Mills

    Ajinomoto Oil Mills

    The company's origins date back to 1826, when its predecessor, the Kumazawa family, started an oil mill using a water wheel.The company conducted research into Good taste of oils and fats and was highly recognized for its Household use products.

  • Honen corporation

    Honen corporation

    It dates back to 1907, when the South Manchurian Railway established a central testing station in Dalian. The company was innovative in initiatives to use up raw materials, and had a strong business base in Business use market.

  • Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd.

    Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd.

    Its origins date back to the Ansei era when the Yoshiwara family established a wholesaler in Osaka to send canola to Edo. It was characterized by handling various oil types and solving customer issues through oil oxidation measurement.


Group companies

About domestic and overseas group companies and affiliated companies.