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Questions about the company

  • When was the company established?
    April 2002.
    For more information on the company's history, please refer to the following page.
    Company Information > history
  • Please tell us about the background of Merger.
    Please refer to the page below for the details of Merger.
    Company Information > history
  • What time is the fiscal year end?
    It's March.
  • Please tell me the meaning of your company name (logo).

    We are J-Oil.
    Starting from oil, we bring out the potential of nature,
    We will bring joy to each person living today and joy to the global environment.
    We have incorporated this feeling into the notation "JOYL".

    The theme color is green.
    Trusting plants that produce oil, starch, and protein
    It expresses our will to contribute to a sustainable future.

    The three colors of "green oil droplets" include:
    "Master" the knowledge and techniques to bring out the potential of nature's blessings,
    Thinking about the people beyond our work, we create joy that exceeds their expectations.
    I want to grow the joy I create by connecting with my friends and the world.
    It contains our determination.

Questions regarding stocks

  • Please give us an overview of your company.
  • Please tell me the stock code.
    It is 2613.
  • Which stock exchange is it listed on?
    Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • How many shares can be traded?
  • Do you have a shareholder benefit system?
  • What is the shareholder determination date for dividend payments?
    Profit dividends will be paid on March 31st, and interim dividends will be paid on September 30th.
  • Who should I contact regarding stock matters such as name changes and address changes?
  • What is a request for document delivery?
    Request for document issuance is a necessary procedure if you wish to receive The General Meeting of Stockholders materials in writing as before.
    This procedure is to protect shareholders who have difficulty viewing The General Meeting of Stockholders materials on the website.
  • How should I go about requesting the issuance of documents?
    Please contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, the administrator of our shareholder registry, or the securities company you do business with.
    If you wish to apply through the Company's shareholder registry administrator, you can apply using the "electronic provision system dedicated dial" or the "paper delivery request form application website".
    The deadline for receiving requests for document delivery is the record date of The General Meeting of Stockholders.
    (Example: For the annual The General Meeting of Stockholders in the fiscal FY2023, applications must be submitted by March 31, 2023.)
    For details on the procedure, please contact the contact information for document issuance requests (shareholder register administrator) on the "IR Inquiries" page.
    IR Information > IR Inquiry

Questions regarding performance and finances