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This page consists of the most frequently asked questions regarding investment in J-Oil Mills and the answers to each. We invite you to use this page as a handy reference.

Questions about the Company

In April 2002.
For the history of J-Oil Mills, please visit the following page:
Corporate Information > History

To read about the timeline of mergers in the Company’s history, please visit the following page:
Corporate Information > History (Timeline of Mergers and Management Integration)

March 31st.

The dynamic sweep of the “J” symbolizes the Company’s creativity and boldness of action. The circle that springs from the “J” symbolizes the new dietary lifestyle of health and joy that J-Oil Mills brings to its customers.

The two semicircles that bracket the “J” form the “O” of “Oil mills.” The circle they form also expresses the Company’s ambitions to be a global enterprise originating in Japan, as well as the strong bonds that bind the Company to its customers, business partners and shareholders.

Questions about Shares

Please visit the Corporate Profile page.
Corporate Information > Corporate Profile


J-Oil Mills shares trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Each year the Company distributes a gift set of J-Oil Mills products, with a retail value of between ¥3,000 and ¥4,000, to every shareholder registered in the shareholder registry as of the most recent March 31. The hospitality packages are sent out once a year, in late June or July.
You can view the most recent hospitality packages on the Dividends and Shareholder Hospitality page.
IR Information > Dividends and Shareholder Hospitality

The year-end dividend is distributed on March 31. The interim dividend is distributed on September 30.

Questions about Business Results and Finances

You can view the Company’s latest business results on the Earnings Summary page. Trends in business results are also listed on the Business Results and Financial Highlights page.

Trends in capital adequacy ratio, along with other business results, are listed on the Business Results and Financial Highlights page.
IR Information > Business Results and Financial Highlights


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