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Medium-Term Management Plan

Formulation of the 5th Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2017–2020)

J-Oil Mills formulated the 5th Medium-Term Management Plan, a four-year plan that started in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 (FY2017).

Leveraging its accumulated knowledge and expertise, J-Oil Mills is relentlessly pursuing a wide variety of value-adding features (value in fried food, cooking value, health value, flavor value, etc.) to extend the value and possibilities inherent in edible oils. Our aim is to become a “Deliciousness Designer,” creating delicious flavors that move the soul.

J-Oil Mills serves its customers by creating designs for delicious taste experiences. By combining edible oils in three forms—liquid, solid and powder—with ingredients possessing an array of functions, including enhancement of texture, we develop new markets, achieving stable and sustainable growth even as our domestic market shrinks from falling birthrates and aging population. Having burnished the value of edible oils in Japan, we then leverage this value to accelerate development of our overseas operations, bringing solutions to customers in Asia ex-Japan and worldwide.

Our success in extending the value and possibilities of edible oils is also contributing solutions to Japan’s demographic problems. We develop nutritional supplements ideal for an aging society. Solutions for convenient home cooking help counter labor shortages from a declining working-age population, support women’s advancement in the workforce and bolster insufficient food resources, thereby addressing a number of social problems expected to increase in the years ahead.

Framework for the 5th Medium-Term Management Plan

The 5th Medium-Term Management Plan is organized into a basic policy for operating strategy and supporting elements, with the operating strategy breaking down into four growth strategies and three structural reforms. The supporting elements consist of strengthening the management base, permeating the J-Oil Mills Group with the corporate vision and transforming the organizational culture. An overview follows below.

▶ Framework for the 5th Medium-Term Management Plan (basic strategy)

◆ Growth strategy: Increasing operating profit by ¥3 billion from the FY2016 results

  • Expanding the development of value-added products in edible oils and fields that the Company intends to develop
  • Strengthening solution-based operations in the B2B market: Multiplying our strengths
  • Accelerating deployment in Asia ex-Japan: Based on value honed in Japan


◆ Structural reforms

  • Pursuing efforts to raise the efficiency and quality of the value chain
  • Optimizing production sites from a medium-to-long-term perspective
  • Selection, concentration and increasing efficiency


◆ Strengthening the management base, permeating the J-Oil Mills Group with the corporate vision and transforming the organizational culture

  • Strengthening corporate governance by increasing the number of outside directors who are members of operating companies and introducing a performance-based stock-incentive plan
  • Advancement of ESG management linked to advancement of the business plan (approaches to social, environmental, health, labor-shortage and resource issues)
  • Conduct of workshops at each location with the participation of all members with a view to drafting a new corporate vision


◆ Financial strategy

  • Pursuit of enterprise value while striking a judicious balance between capital efficiency focused on return on equity (ROE) and financial soundness with consideration of credit rating
  • Assumption of cash inflow and outflow of about ¥70 billion during the management-plan period
  • Generation of around ¥40 billion in operating cash flow (including dividends and asset sales) by 2020
  • The Company will conduct capital investment to bolster its operating base and secure investment funds for new businesses aiming for non-continuous growth. In consideration of return to shareholders, the Company plans to invest approximately ¥51 billion.
  • To return income to shareholders, the Company will support a payout ratio of 30% or higher.

Numerical targets

Plan for numerical targets (FY2020)

Consolidated net sales ¥215 billion or more
Consolidated operating profit ¥8 billion or more
Operating margin on sales 3.5% or higher
ROE 5.0% or higher


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