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Medium-Term Business Plan

Formulation of the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan “Transforming for Growth,” and a vision for FY2030

J-Oil Mills Group has defined its vision for FY2030 to achieve sustainable growth. In pursuit of this vision, we formulated the sixth medium-term business plan, Transforming for Growth, ending FY2026.

We have positioned the six years of the sixth medium-term business plan—from FY2021 to FY2026—as a period of transformation to achieve future growth. In formulating the plan, we envisioned what kind of company we want to be in FY2030, taking into consideration challenges identified during the four years of the previous (fifth) medium-term business plan.

In response to significant changes that have occurred in our surrounding business environment since we formulated our Medium-Term Business Plan, we will push forward with ongoing efforts aimed at strengthening our business foundation and establishing a highly resilient framework capable of withstanding changes of this type.


Strengths of J-Oil Mills


The strengths of J-Oil Mills Group lie in our customer contact points, technology, and materials, as well as in our ability to deliver these strengths to customers and propose solutions to solve issues they are facing by paying close attention to their voices. Going forward, we intend to further enhance such strengths, and by reinforcing marketing, R&D, production, and sales and facilitating collaboration among them, we intend to maximize the value we provide to customers as a Oishisa Design—deliciousness designing—company.

Strategy of the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan

we will transform into a growth company through implementing the following strategies.


1) Marketing and brand strategy
We will work to increase enterprise value by drawing on the synergies among the new “communication brand” JOYL, customer-oriented marketing, and product development. Through this effort, we aim to become the company of choice for our customers for generations to come.

2) Expand high-value-added products

  • ・We will reduce impacts placed on both customers and the environment and revolutionize the business-use frying oil market with long-life oil developed using our proprietary SUSTEC technology and Fry Eco-System, our new frying-oil solution.
  • ・Through our Smart Green Pack series of environmentally friendly edible oil products packaged in paper cartons, we will expand our sales of growth products characterized by value-adding taste and functionality.
  • ・The texture design business was created by revamping the former starch business. Primarily in the new TXdeSIGN series, we have developed products with such attributes as fibrous textures and expansibility by processing carefully selected starches with our proprietary technology. We will continue to create new textures suitable for various cooking scenes and food processing.
  • ・By blending our proprietary technologies with a variety of ingredients, we will expand our lineup of plant-based foods and strive to become a leader in Japan's plant-based food industry.

3) Strengthen overseas business

  • ・With our proprietary technology and products, we will strengthen the texture business and businesses targeting the confectionery and bakery industries in the ASEAN region, and the fine materials and soybean sheets businesses in North America.
  • ・While generating organic growth, we will also pursue inorganic growth opportunities in North American and ASEAN markets.

4) Improve profitability of commodity oil products
While the grains market fluctuates substantially, we will work to improve the profitability of the mainstay commodity oil products business in Japan, through implementing pricing strategies and structural reforms with the aim of growing the business into a stable earnings base in the future.

5) Reform value chains and business processes
For the supply chain, we will work to reduce inventory and SKU, stock keeping units counts, and to seek out partnering opportunities. In addition, we will also work to optimize back-office operations, utilize IT and DX initiatives, and reform business processes, with the aim of increasing efficiency.

6) We will allocate cash generated through FY2026—funds generated from the five strategies listed above and funds procured from outside—to growth investment including M&A and capital spending. We aim to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40% and will accordingly continue to reliably and sustainably strengthen the returns we provide to our shareholders.

Through above strategies, we will increase profitability and aim for higher levels of ROE and ROIC.

Numerical targets

Numerical targets for FY2026—the final year of the sixth medium-term business plan—and for FY2030 are as follows.

FY2026 targets FY2030 targets
Operting profit 11.0 billion yen 24.0 billion yen
ROE 8.0% 12.0%
ROIC 5.0% 8.0%
EPS 260 yen 500 yen

(Note: To ensure that we can respond flexibly to changes in our surrounding business environment and facilitate growth while emphasizing capital efficiency, we have decided to exclude net sales and operating profit margin from the plan's numerical targets.

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