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Web accessibility policy

Established on February 1, 2024

J-OIL MILLS Group will work to ensure and improve web accessibility with the aim of creating a website that is easy for anyone to use.

J-OIL MILLS Group website is based on the Japanese Industrial Standard JISX8341-3 "Guidelines for design with consideration for the elderly and persons with disabilities - Information and communication equipment, software and services - Part 3: Web content" (hereinafter referred to as JISX8341-3:2016). The goal is to comply with Level AA.

1. Target range

We will start with the website below and gradually expand the scope.

2. Target conformance level and degree of correspondence

Compliant with JISX8341-3:2016 compliance level AA


The following web pages or contents are excluded from the scope of this policy as they are difficult to handle in operation.

  • Contents or web pages, images, videos, etc. that do not have modification data (cannot be modified)
  • Services provided by external parties and accompanying content or web pages, images, videos, etc.
    *Includes embedded content such as videos and SNS.
    *If accessibility issues are found in services provided by external parties, accompanying content, web pages, images, videos, etc., we will ask the provider to make improvements, and aim to achieve compliance in other areas.
  • Web pages in non-HTML format such as PDF
  • Other items that are difficult to correct during operation.

4.We will conduct a test based on JISX8341-3:2016 and publish the results.

Announcement date October 1, 2023
Standard number and revision year of the standard JIS X 8341-3:2016
conformance level met Partially compliant with Level AA
List of dependent web content technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript
How we selected web pages for testing A representative set of web pages and a randomly selected web page
Page where the test was conducted See "Page where the test was conducted" below.
Success Criteria Checklist See “Achievement Criteria Checklist” below.
Exam implementation period September 29, 2023

5. Success criteria checklist

* indicates "No applicable content"

Success criteria Compliance level Application Compatibility remarks
1.1.1 non-text content A Partially compatible
1.2.1 Audio only and video only (recorded) A Partially compatible
1.2.2 Caption (recorded) A Partially compatible
1.2.3 Audio commentary or alternative content for media (pre-recorded) A Partially compatible
1.3.1 information and relationships A Partially compatible
1.3.2 meaningful order A Compatibility
1.3.3 sensory characteristics A - Compatibility
1.4.1 use of color A Partially compatible
1.4.2 audio control A Compatibility
2.1.1 keyboard A Compatibility
2.1.2 no keyboard traps A Partially compatible
2.2.1 Timing adjustable A Compatibility
2.2.2 Pause, stop, hide A Compatibility
2.3.1 3 flashes or below threshold A Compatibility
2.4.1 block skip A Compatibility
2.4.2 page title A Compatibility
2.4.3 focus order A Partially compatible
2.4.4 Link purpose (in context) A Compatibility
3.1.1 Page language A Compatibility
3.2.1 At focus A Compatibility
3.2.2 When inputting A Compatibility
3.3.1 Identifying the error A - Compatibility
3.3.2 label or description A Compatibility
4.1.1 Parsing A Compatibility
4.1.2 name role and value A Compatibility
1.2.4 Caption (live) AA - Compatibility
1.2.5 Audio commentary (pre-recorded) AA Partially compatible
1.4.3 contrast AA Partially compatible
1.4.4 Resize text AA Compatibility
1.4.5 character image AA Partially compatible
2.4.5 multiple means AA Compatibility
2.4.6 headings and labels AA Compatibility
2.4.7 Focus visualization AA Partially compatible
3.1.2 partial language AA Compatibility
3.2.3 Consistent navigation AA Compatibility
3.2.4 Consistent identifiability AA Compatibility
3.3.3 Error correction suggestions AA - Compatibility
3.3.4 Error avoidance (legal, financial, data) AA - Compatibility

6.Page where the test was conducted

top page https://www.j-oil.com/
Household use products https://www.j-oil.com/consumer/
Basic oil|Household use products https://www.j-oil.com/consumer/basic_oil.html
recipe https://www.j-oil.com/recipe/
Business use products | Business use products https://www.j-oil.com/prosumer/
Starch|Products Business use https://www.j-oil.com/prosumer/starch/
Company information https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/
Research and development of J-OIL MILLS | Research and development https://www.j-oil.com/research_and_development/
IR information https://www.j-oil.com/ir/
Sustainability https://www.j-oil.com/sustainability/
Press room https://www.j-oil.com/press/
Privacy policy https://www.j-oil.com/pp.html
Disclosure Policy | IR Information https://www.j-oil.com/ir/management/disclosure_policy.html
Site map https://www.j-oil.com/sitemap.html
“JOYL PRO Series ®︎” Seasoning oil category https://www.j-oil.com/prosumer/oil/joylpro_chomi.html
Vegan restaurant “Saido”×
Plant-based cheese*1 “Violife”
Collaboration menu for a limited time from August 14th (Monday) to August 26th (Saturday)
Providing “plant-based cheese cutlet curry”
~ “Eating Sasukatsu” project development menu ~
*1 Not dairy cheese
Notice regarding changes in officers https://www.j-oil.com/press/article/230518_004037.html
Shrimp and tomato camembert ajillo https://www.j-oil.com/recipe/article/recipe_003490.html
Corporate philosophy system https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/philosophy.html
Top message https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/top_message.html
Communication brand https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/brand.html
Officer introduction https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/officer.html
History https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/history.html
J-OIL MILLS, INC. Group https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/group.html
Company profile https://www.j-oil.com/corporate/profile.html
Management plan https://www.j-oil.com/ir/management/plan.html
Governance system https://www.j-oil.com/ir/corporate_governance/system.html
Corporate governance policy/basic concept https://www.j-oil.com/ir/corporate_governance/basic_policy.html
Executive compensation https://www.j-oil.com/ir/corporate_governance/officer_compensation.html
Promotion of risk management https://www.j-oil.com/ir/corporate_governance/risk_management.html
Business/Financial Highlights - 3 Financial Tables https://www.j-oil.com/ir/business_highlight/financial_table.html
Business/Financial Highlights - Dividends https://www.j-oil.com/ir/business_highlight/dividend.html
Executive discussion https://www.j-oil.com/ir/library/Integrate_report_2022_dialogue.html
Stock price https://www.j-oil.com/ir/stock_price/

7. Schedule for achieving goals

From February 2019
  • J-OIL MILLS Group "Web Accessibility Policy" established and released (starting with J-OIL MILLS official website only)
  • J-OIL MILLS official website Progressive improvement of unachieved items
Until the end of March 2024
  • Target scope to all J-OIL MILLS Group websites
  • All J-OIL MILLS Group websites Sequential improvement of unachieved items

8.Future response policy

We will strive to gradually improve and update the currently published website with the goal of complying with JIS X 8341-3:2016 Level AA. Our goal is to ensure that all newly created and updated sites and pages comply with JIS X 8341-3:2016 Level AA.