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Pursuit of safety and security

We treat our customers' food with sincerity.

To deliver safe, secure, and high-quality products

At J-OIL MILLS, we believe in the idea of "Joy for life® -Bringing joy to the future by food" Each and every employee takes the customer's perspective into account, and takes care of everything from the customer's point of view until the product reaches the customer's hands. We seriously face "food" in the process. Our mission at J-OIL MILLS is to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality food to our customers.

J-OIL MILLS Group Quality Policy

We at J-OIL MILLS, INC. Group, in order to realize the future we aim for, "Joy for life® - Bringing joy to the future by food,'' will continue to provide safe, secure, and high-quality products and services, and strive to make our stakeholders happy. We will continue to pursue.

【Basic policy】

  1. We take customer requests seriously, provide appropriate information, and deliver products and services that satisfy customers.
  2. We will strengthen our partnership with the supply chain and provide safe, secure, and high-quality products and services.
  3. We strongly recognize that ensuring food safety is the responsibility of food companies, and we comply with related laws and regulations.
  4. We guarantee quality by continually improving our quality and food safety management systems based on international standards ISO9001 and ISO22000.
  5. Each of Group employees, as the bearer of quality assurance, will do our best to strengthen our business foundation and improve quality in everything from planning and development to production, logistics, and sales services.

that's all

A photo of a scene with various dishes lined up on a dining table

J-OIL MILLS Group will initiatives as one.

J-OIL MILLS Group has built a system in which not only the quality assurance department but also each Department such as oil and margarine takes responsibility for manufacturing safe and secure products. Group works together to constantly strive to improve the safety and security of our products.

Image of a system in which each Department takes responsibility for manufacturing safe and secure products
Image of a system in which each Department takes responsibility for manufacturing safe and secure products

Initiatives for human resource development

At J-OIL MILLS, we believe that each employee is a "human asset" who enhances the "safety" and "security" of our products. We constantly provide quality-related education and training to improve our knowledge and skills, as well as raise awareness regarding quality.

Pursuing safety and security in all processes

In order to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality products to our customers, J-OIL MILLS has established a management system for all processes, from raw materials to product development, manufacturing, logistics, and sales, and strives to improve quality.

Image showing the entire Plant

Raw materials

Procurement of raw materials

Procurement of safe and reliable raw materials is essential to deliver safe and reliable products to customers. The main raw materials for our oils and fats products, soybean and canola, are procured from overseas and used under strict quality control. In addition, we directly inspect the manufacturing process for olive oil and other raw materials, and only procure them from reliable suppliers who have cleared J-OIL MILLS' strict quality control standards.

Vast soybean plantation Image of a vast soybean farm
Carefully selected olive oil Images of carefully selected olive oils

About various oil raw materials

Product development and design

Examination at the development stage

At the product development stage, we are always keenly aware of not only "Good Taste,'' but also "safety'' and "peace of mind.'' When a product is developed, it must pass a rigorous internal safety review before it becomes an official product.


Obtained certification for management systems related to quality and food safety

At J-OIL MILLS, all of our production sites have obtained ISO9001 certification (quality) and ISO22000 certification (food safety), which are international standards for management systems related to quality and food safety.
We manufacture our products under a thorough quality control system to create safe and reliable products.

Image of the machine that manufactures the product
ISO9001 and 22000 certification status of each plant
Plant name ISO9001 ISO22000
(Certification date) (Certification date)
Chiba factory March 2004 June 2010
Yokohama factory March 2004 April 2010
Shizuoka plant April 1999 May 2009
Asaba factory April 1999 July 2018
Kobe factory November 2000 February 2009
Wakamatsu factory July 2001 March 2012

Initiatives to prevent foreign matter contamination

We take various initiatives in the manufacturing area to prevent foreign matter from entering our products.

Clothing in the production area

When entering the manufacturing area, employees must wear special work clothes, hats, masks, and shoes to prevent foreign substances such as hair from getting into products.

Work clothes
~Wear clean work clothes~

Wear clean, dedicated work clothes. The zipper is securely tightened all the way to the neck, and there are no gaps around the wrists or ankles. Change work clothes regularly to maintain sanitary conditions.

Work clothes
~Prevents hair from falling on employees entering the production area~

To prevent hair and other foreign matter from falling, a hooded sanitary cap is worn after putting on the hairnet. Wear a hat to prevent hair from sticking out, and tuck the cape into your jacket.

~Cover your mouth and nostrils to prevent droplets~

A mask that goes all the way to the back of your head and fits securely, completely covering your mouth and nasal passages to prevent droplets.

~Wear special shoes~

Wear special safety shoes designed with hygiene in mind. Before entering the manufacturing area, remove foreign objects from the soles of your shoes.

Safety boots

In addition, we have stipulated various items that are prohibited from being brought in when entering the room, and we do not bring in items that could lead to contamination.
This applies not only to employees, but to everyone who enters the production area.

Procedures for entering the production area

When entering the room, we follow established procedures to ensure that no foreign objects are brought in by using an adhesive roller, washing our hands, and passing through an air shower.

To maintain hygiene, the following steps will be taken when entering the production area:

①Adhesive roller

Remove deposits such as hair and dust with an adhesive roller.

adhesive roller
②Hand washing

Clean with soap, dry with a hand dryer, and then disinfect with alcohol.

hand washing
③Air shower

The air shower room blows clean air over your entire body to remove fine dust.

air shower
Product filling

On the filling line where oil is filled into containers, the products undergo automatic inspection using equipment such as image inspection and metal detection, and then are finally inspected by human eyes to ensure that no defective products are passed on.

Oil filling Oil filling
Filling paper cartons "Smart Green Pack®" Filling the paper pack “Smart Green PackⓇ”
Visual inspection
Visual inspection

Quality inspection system

The quality control room at each Plant conducts various inspections to ensure safety and peace of mind for our customers. From the time we receive raw materials to the products we deliver to our customers, we deliver products of even more reliable quality by subjecting them to rigorous inspections, including analysis using equipment and sensory tests such as taste.

Image of the inspection being performed
Equipment inspection Image of equipment inspection
Sensory test Sensory test images

Our Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Team was the first Japanese edible oil company to be certified by the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) as an Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Panel for five consecutive years.

About J-OIL MILLS Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Team

Click here to learn more about J-OIL MILLS Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Team


Product shipping: After strict inspection, the product is finally shipped.

Products packed in cardboard boxes are stacked onto pallets by a "palletizer", an automatic stacking robot. Products loaded on pallets are loaded onto cargo trucks using forklifts and shipped. If the product has a long time to ship, it will be stored in a warehouse and strictly controlled until it is shipped.

Loading with palletizer Image of stacking using palletizer
Loading onto a truck with a forklift Image of loading a truck with a forklift

Sales (Information provision)

Initiatives for product labeling

Product labels are displayed appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations including food labeling standards. In addition to legally required information, we always strive to provide easy-to-understand information from the customer's perspective.

We value customer feedback

Customer consultation room

At the Customer Consultation Office, we promptly respond to inquiries and complaints received directly from customers by phone or via the online "Inquiry Form." In addition, we strive to enhance our web content such as "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Search Q&A based on your questions and concerns," and are always striving to provide information that is useful to our customers.