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Joy for Life® - Bringing joy to the future by food
We will focus on co-existence and co-creation and take on new challenges to create new value in society.

Amid a growing worldwide population and a dwindling birthrate and aging population in Japan, we face an array of challenges, including calls to lower our impact on the environment, addressing issues of food resources, and response to heightened concerns over health. In addition, the global situation has changed significantly in recent years, and uncertainly has grown.

As a company that supports society through food, we work to appropriately understand the external environment, respond to social issues and changes with a sense of speed, and fulfill our responsibility to provide a stable supply of safe and reliable products. At the same time, we will strive to meet our strategic targets: expanding our range of high-value-added products, accelerating overseas expansion, and enhancing the profitability of our general-purpose oils. As a result, we aim to grow sustainably into the future and enhance corporate value.

We have formulated “Joy for Life®: Bringing joy to the future by food” as the corporate philosophy that represents the future we aim for. Through products and services that embody good taste, health, and low burden, we will foster the joy of preparing and eating food. At the same time, we will squarely address issues such as reducing environmental impact, contributing to people's well-being, and respecting human rights. Starting with the oil that is indispensable to daily life, we seek to unlock the potential of nature's bounty in a way that makes a genuine contribution to people's lifestyles—this is the true value and purpose of our company. No matter how times change, we will continue to join with our colleagues in transcending boundaries, preconceived notions, and limitations as we work together to overcome the challenges we face.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of J-Oil Mills' establishment. We will foster an organizational culture replete with the mindset of “Co-existence & Co-creation” as we continue unflinchingly to take on challenges amid the changing times. In this way, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a food company firmly committed to creating value for society going forward. We ask for your ongoing support of the Company.

April 2024

Joy for Life®–食で未来によろこびを–




当社は「Joy for Life® -食で未来によろこびを-」を私たちの目指すべき未来として企業理念体系に掲げています。「おいしさ×健康×低負荷」を具体化した製品やサービスを通じて、「食べる」よろこびと「つくる」よろこびを創造するとともに、環境負荷の低減や人々のウェルビーイングへの貢献、人権尊重などの諸課題にも正面から取り組んでまいります。生活に欠かせないあぶらを原点に、自然の恵みから可能性を引き出し、人に真摯に寄り添い貢献していくこと。これこそが私たちの価値・存在意義であり、どのような時も領域や常識、限界の壁を越えて仲間とつながり、ともに挑戦してまいります。


April 2024

Member of the Board, Executive Officer, President & CEO Tatsuya Sato

Tatsuya Sato