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Climate change mitigation and


As a company that relies on natural resources for many of its raw materials, responding to climate change is an important issues. Overseas grain prices for raw materials such as soybean and rapeseed, which are the main raw materials for edible oils, fluctuate greatly due to changes in the supply and demand balance due to weather. If global warming becomes more serious in the future, there is a risk that it will become difficult to procure the raw materials themselves. We are collaborating with our stakeholders to further reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 throughout our value chain, reduce the burden on the global environment, and pursue a sustainable business model.


  • Prevention of air pollution

    At our production Plant, we have reduced emissions by switching from kerosene and other fuels to natural gas, which emits less NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulfur oxides). We will continue to thoroughly implement management standards and systems for air pollutants, and work to reduce emissions.