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Waste reduction and recycling


At J-OIL MILLS' production bases, we promote waste reduction and recycling, and practice zero emissions* every year. In fiscal 2022, we will continue to promote the conversion of waste into valuable resources, and the recycling rate in our production division will continue to exceed our goal of 99.9%. We will continue to strive to reduce the amount of input of energy, raw materials, water, materials, etc., reduce pollutants and waste generated, and initiatives to recycle resources. Furthermore, in addition to striving to reduce plastics derived from fossil fuels, we will also conduct e-learning and environmental seminars on waste in non-manufacturing departments, making a company-wide effort to maximize the efficiency of resource use.
*Our company defines zero emissions as not simply incinerating or disposing of industrial waste from Plant and business offices (recycling rate of 99.9% or more).

Graph of recycling rate in production department

Proper management of chemical substances

Regarding the chemical substances we handle, we strive to properly manage them in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Act on Promotion of the Reporting and Management of Chemical Substances (PRTR Act), and we also manage other chemical substances appropriately.
Regarding PCB waste, we are reporting the storage of PCB waste and conducting systematic treatment based on the Act on Special Measures Concerning Promotion of Proper Treatment of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Waste (PCB Special Measures Act).

Guidelines for containers and packaging

Guidelines for containers and packaging
We will explore new technologies for recycling containers and packaging such as bottles, cans, and paper, and strive to adopt them.
We strive to develop environmentally friendly products, such as product designs that reduce the amount of plastic containers and packaging used, as well as plant-based materials and easily recyclable materials.
We will promote the adoption of FSC-certified paper.
We will promote material procurement from ESG-friendly companies.
We strive to develop containers and packaging that can accommodate a variety of users.
We consider the entire supply chain and address transportation efficiency and labor shortages.

Initiatives plastic issues

In May 2022, our company established the 2030 "zero plastic waste" goal.
In 2021, we set a goal to reduce the amount of plastic waste by 25% by 2030 compared to 2000, and have been implementing various initiatives to achieve this goal. With the enforcement of this law, we have revised our targets upward as we believe we need to make even more initiatives than ever to reduce plastic waste, which causes marine environmental pollution and climate change.
To achieve this goal, we will develop recycling technologies through collaboration between companies, including expanding the "Smart Green Pack®" series of environmentally friendly products that use paper cartons, adopting biomass resin, and reusing waste plastic and utilizing recycled resin. We will initiatives to develop and sell environmentally friendly products by promoting environmentally friendly products. We will continue to gradually reduce the amount of plastic used and disposed of, and work to reduce our environmental impact.

Annual representation of plastic usage and waste amount

Initiatives to reduce the weight of plastics

We have been actively working to reduce and lighten the amount of plastic used in our main packaging and containers for some time now. In collaboration with container and material manufacturers, we have promoted weight reduction initiatives, and the weight of Eco Bottles (polyethylene bottles), which are used as containers for our main household oils and fats products, has been reduced by 26.2% compared to before 2002. In addition, the weight of UD Eco Pet (PET bottles), another main product container, has been reduced by 20.0% compared to before 2007.

1000g eco bottle bottle weight trend

1000g eco bottle bottle weight trend

600gUD*Ecopet Pet weight trends

600gUD*Ecopet Pet weight trends

*Universal design

Initiatives to reduce plastic

“Smart Green Pack” is an environmentally friendly product that uses paper packs.

The "Smart Green Pack®" series is a series that pursues packaging functionality and environmental friendliness by using paper cartons, which are rare for oil and fat products, as containers in order to promote the reduction of plastic waste and CO2, which is a priority for our company. After starting sales of the two products in August 2021, they will become a series in spring 2022.

In February 2023JOYLlogo "ajinomotoEasy Olive Oil" 300g is newly released from the same series,
JOYLlogo "ajinomotoWe have added a new size of 300g to ''Genuine Sesame Oil for Sesame Oil Lovers''. Additionally, the package design has been renewed to help consumers understand the features of Smart Green Pack®.

Image of SGP lineup list

Product lineup list

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Product design aimed at realizing “low load” value

We have formulated the "Environmental Guidelines for Realizing 'Low Impact' Value" with the aim of contributing to reducing the burden on society and the environment. Based on these guidelines, we operate a checklist to proactively incorporate our corporate philosophy of reducing environmental impact from the product design and development stage. In fiscal 2022, we will gradually expand the scope of the checklist from oils and fats products to non oils and fats products. We will continue to work to create a sustainable society by consistently checking the reduction of environmental impact from raw materials to manufacturing, transportation, consumption, and disposal.