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Sustainable Resource Use


We create products from natural resources and provide valuable products to our customers. Nowadays, the risk of the growth of raw material grains being threatened by climate change and other factors, and the resulting price fluctuations, is increasing more than ever. In addition to climate change, proactively addressing issues such as quality and human rights in the supply chain is essential for the continued use of our precious raw materials and other resources.
In order to ensure Sustainable recourse use into the future, we will focus on our "Environmental Policy" and our newly established "Human Rights Policy," as well as our "Sustainable Procurement Policy and Standards," "Palm oil procurement policy," and "soybean Procurement Policy." ” and work with our suppliers (business partners) to promote sustainable procurement activities that adapt to the demands of the times.

Main initiatives /Goals

  • Build and implement a sustainable procurement scheme in cooperation with stakeholders to realize responsible procurement with consideration for human rights, environmental impact, etc.
  • Participate in raw material selection and systems with the aim of creating a sustainable, recycling-oriented society
  • 2 Zero hunger
  • 7. Energy for everyone and cleanly
  • 12 Responsible production and consumption
  • 13 Take concrete measures to combat climate change
  • 14 Let's protect the richness of the sea
  • 15 Let's also protect the richness of the land
  • 17 Achieve your goals through partnership