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Corporate philosophy system


Joy for Life

Each of our employees will contribute to creating a better society by consciously thinking about and internalizing our vision, mission, values, and purpose, which are set forth in our corporate philosophy.


■Our Vision

We specialize in plant-based oil, starch, and protein-the three essential sources of life. Our aim is to contribute to good taste "Oishisa", people's health, reducing environmental load and creating a brighter tomorrow through our products. We believe this aim in aspiring for a future defined by "Joy for Life."

Our Mission

People naturally want to enjoy delicious food free of concerns about health or the environment, yearn to cook special dishes that bring happiness to their loved ones and guests. To fulfill such wishes, we utilize our unique strength of " Oishisa Design" to create the joys of eating and producing through food cultivation and cooking. We share an equal commitment to building a better society through sincere efforts in health, the environment, food resources and other key nutritionrelated issues.

Our Values and Purpose

To exceed people's expectations and create new value, we unite in rising to high targets by overcoming barriers of conventional knowledge, and reaching beyond our own limits by working together any and all situations.
As the foundation of this value and initiative, we never waver from our purpose of reaping nature's potential, and sincerely supporting and contributing to people with our origins as a supplier of oils essential in our lives, and continuing to support our diet.