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J-OIL MILLS’ vision

Medium- to long-term growth strategy

In order to achieve stable growth over the medium to long term, we are promoting a growth strategy toward 2030.

Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan diagram

Strategic goals for 2021-2026

In the 6th Medium-Term Business Plan, we will further hone our Group 's strengths in customer contact, technological capabilities, and materials, as well as our solution capabilities to solve issues by delivering these, sincerely listening to customer feedback and making proposals. By strengthening and integrating R&D, production, and sales, we will maximize the value we provide to our customers as an "Oishisa design" company.

Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan diagram

Specific strategy

1.Marketing brand strategy

  • We aim to improve corporate value by combining Communication brand "JOYL" with customer-oriented marketing and product development. Through this, we aim to become a company that is loved by our customers for a long time.

2.Promoting high added value

  • We will reduce the burden on our customers and the environment with Fry Eco-System which is long-lasting oil and a new frying oil solution that applies our unique technology "SUSTEC ®" and will revolutionize the Business use frying oil market.
  • We will expand sales of growth category products with added value such as taste and functionality through the "Smart Green Pack" series of environmentally friendly edible oils products that are packaged in paper packs.
  • The texture materials business is a further development of the conventional starch business. Centered on the new "TXdeSIGN" series, carefully selected starches are processed using our proprietary technology to create new textures in various cooking scenes and food processing, with characteristics such as fiber texture and extensibility.
  • By combining our unique technology and various materials, we aim to expand our lineup of plant-based foods and become the leading company in domestic plant-based foods.

3. Improving profitability of commodity oil

  • Amid major fluctuations in grain prices, we will promote pricing strategies and structural reforms to improve profitability in order to turn our core oils and fats business into a stable earnings base for the future.

4. Strengthening overseas expansion

  • Using our unique technology and products, we aim to strengthen our texture business and business for the confectionery and bakery industries in the ASEAN market, and our fine and SOY sheet businesses in the North American market.
  • In addition to organic growth, we will pursue non-continuous growth opportunities in the North American and ASEAN markets.

5. Value chain & business process reform

  • Promote inventory reduction, SKU reduction, and partnerships in the supply chain. Additionally, we will optimize indirect departments, utilize IT/DX, and reform business processes to further improve efficiency.

Combining funds generated from the above strategies and external financing, we will allocate the cash generated through fiscal 2026 to growth investments, including M&A, and capital investments. Additionally, we aim to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40%, and aim to steadily and continuously strengthen returns to our shareholders.

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