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What kind of company is J-OIL MILLS?

J-OIL MILLS products near us

Home dining tables, restaurants, convenience stores, pubs, school lunches... It is no exaggeration to say that everyone uses J-OIL MILLS products at least once a day. edible oils, which is essential for a healthy body and mind, is also a seasoning that makes dishes delicious. J-OIL MILLS supports Japanese food culture by responding to the diversifying needs of our customers with the keywords of "health" and "Good taste."

J-OIL MILLS products near us

until it reaches our table

1Procure raw materials
2Produce and process
3Merchantize 4Storage and transport
  • at home

    Through AJINOMOTO brand oils and fats, we bring good taste, the joy of cooking, and good health to our customers' homes.

  • At the store (Business use)

    It has been used by many customers as cooking oil and frying oil in restaurants and delicatessen stores for many years.

  • At a processed food plant

    We deliver oils and fats to processed food manufacturers, which are used in a variety of forms, including mayonnaise, dressings, margarine, canned foods, retort foods, and frozen foods.

Business area

Business introduction

Main bases and Group structure

You can see our Group 's bases and Group structure below.