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Promoting compliance

We at Group consider compliance to be not only legal observance but also adherence to corporate ethics and social norms as a member of society, and we strive to ensure that all employees are fully aware of this in order to be a company that is always trusted by society.
We confirm that our corporate behavior is in line with the J-OIL MILLS Code of Conduct and the J-OIL MILLS Guideline of Conduct at Compliance Subcommittee, an organization under the umbrella of Risk Management Committee. We also raise awareness and improve our behavior and awareness of the Code of Conduct.
The "Compliance Subcommittee" is attended by the head of each department and a representative of the labor union, and promotes the strengthening of compliance by sharing, improving, and reviewing the issues for each department held by our Group.
In the event that a violation of compliance is found, we ascertain the circumstances of the violation, request the workplace where the violation occurred to investigate the cause and report on measures to prevent recurrence, evaluate the contents of the report, confirm its effectiveness, and implement countermeasures, including those at similar workplaces.

Compliance initiatives

Our company uses internal SNS to disseminate compliance-related information to employees. Compliance Subcommittee under Risk Management Committee regularly distributes "Code of Conduct Newsletter" and "Risk Management Newsletter" in an effort to become a company that is trusted by society. In addition, regarding sustainability and CSR, we introduce the social situation and our initiatives in these areas.

Helpline whistleblowing system

We have established a whistle-blowing contact point to prevent and correct acts that violate social norms and corporate ethics. We have established contact points both inside and outside the company, and we also allow anonymous reports to be made to protect whistleblowers. In addition, we conduct in-house training to thoroughly familiarize employees with the whistle-blowing system.
Quantitative information regarding compliance can be found below.