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Application development

We aim to solve issues faced by customers in the food industry through "Application development" that combines J-OIL MILLS, INC. unique technology and know-how. The place where applications and customers connect is the test kitchen "Oishisa Design Studio".

Application development and Oishisa Design Studio

The complex presentation facility "Oishisa Design Studio " opened in 2018 as a base of activities to realize "Oishisa Design"  has the function of a test kitchen, where we work with customers to create optimal solutions using our applications to meet the various needs that are growing in response to changing consumption trends and lifestyles. We are working together with our customers to create optimal solutions using our applications.

Oishisa design studio
Scene from the seminar

Application development example

Improved texture

When people eat food, they experience a variety of textures. It has a wide range of sensations, including chewy, crunchy, and juicy. At our company, we focus on improving texture, analyze unique ingredients and Good Taste, and use our "translation ability" to reproduce them to solve our customers' issues and create a variety of Good Taste.

Improving the texture of fried foods

For example, even with a single pork cutlet, there are various issues in the food processing process, such as shrinkage of the meat during frying, resulting peeling of the coating, and loss of crispiness over time.
The combination of frying oil, which has excellent crispness and aging properties, and starch, which is effective in suppressing meat shrinkage and coating peeling, improves the overall texture quality of fried foods and contributes to reducing food loss.

Improvement of peeling of batter

flavor enhancement

Based on aroma and flavor, we put effort into reproducing the seasoning and cooking sensations of professionals. We create unique value, including adding Good taste by enhancing flavor.

"Maintaining and imparting freshly made flavor"

The cooking aroma imparted during processes such as grilling and frying may be lost during subsequent storage, distribution, and re-cooking until consumption. Additionally, in mass production, there are many cases where it is difficult to add flavor, such as aroma, through cooking, as would be done by a chef.
In order to help customers who want to make delicious food despite various restrictions, we offer seasoning oil recipes centered on the JOYL PRO Series of cooking oils created using our own manufacturing method.