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Product development

We continue to develop products every day without being satisfied with the status quo, aiming to improve the value we provide to our customers through high-quality products and services.

Examples of AJINOMOTO olive oil initiatives

Improving quality throughout the value chain

For our olive oil products, which are our representative product, we are initiatives every day to further improve the value and sense of security through initiatives throughout the value chain (from raw materials to the table).

For example, when it comes to upstream raw materials, we use a preliminary sample system when purchasing olive oil from our designated suppliers, so that we can provide our customers with products of higher quality. We check the quality from both sensory aspects (flavor quality) and physical and chemical analysis.

In addition to upstream, we also conduct development work with an attitude of continuing to provide customers with even higher quality products by initiatives manufacturing to ensure that product quality does not deteriorate before it reaches the customer's hands, as well as initiatives smaller volumes and new packaging materials to maintain quality in stores and at home.

Maintain and improve quality evaluation level

As part of our initiatives to maintain and improve our quality evaluation level, we have been certified by the Chemists "Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Panel'' for five consecutive years since August 2018. In addition, in terms of physical and chemical analysis, we became the first Japanese company to obtain Olive Oil Physical and Chemical Type A certification from the International Olive Council (IOC) in December 2018, and have continued to receive certification in 2019 and 2020. In addition, in 2021, we became the first Japanese company to obtain Type B certification, which is a higher level certification with a larger number of test items, and will continue to receive certification in 2022. We will continue to strive to obtain certification in the future.

Improved containers to maintain freshness

This product has a wide range of uses, such as "sprinkling'' olive oil directly on food, and since it is used more frequently at the dining table, it is possible to maintain the freshness of the oil even after opening. In addition to bottle packaging materials, we have added small-capacity, stay-fresh bottle products that are easy to use. We aim to further revitalize the market by expanding our customers' range of container choices.


Examples of initiatives related to business use oils and fats

long-lasting oil

Our core technology, the SUSTEC ®︎ manufacturing method, makes use of the ingredients originally contained in oil to produce oil that lasts longer than regular frying oil.
By suppressing "color", "odor" and "oxidation" and making the oil last longer, it not only reduces the amount of raw materials (grains) used, but also
This leads to suppression of activities in all supply chains, from collection of raw materials to transportation, storage, production processes, packaging materials, and product shipping.
Reduce CO 2 emitted from it. In addition, it will also be possible to similarly reduce the amount of oil that is disposed of after use by customers.
We provide total solutions that extend the lifespan of Business use oil by considering both the material of the oil and the way the oil is used.


seasoning oil

The butter flavor oil series reproduces the aroma and richness of three types of butter using our unique technology. There are various types of butter on the market with different flavors due to different manufacturing methods and production areas, but we investigated the butter on the market to find out the butter flavor that Japanese people really like. After breaking down the flavor elements that make up butter flavor and verifying which elements are important for a more butter-like flavor, we found that butter with a ``milk-like aroma and body'' is an important element. I found this. Using our unique technology, we succeeded in reproducing the milk-like aroma and rich richness, and developed a premium butter flavor oil. In addition, there are two types of oil that you can choose based on your menu or preference: butter flavor oil that reproduces the strong aroma and mellow richness of the top, and mellow butter flavor oil that reproduces the rich aroma and richness of fermented butter. .


Examples of initiatives related to starch storage

~Designing “texture”~

Expressions related to "texture" are increasingly being used when creating new concepts in food development, and texture has become an essential component in designing Good taste.

We have developed " TXdeSIGN® NEOTRUST ®", which can be designed to have a fluffy and mouth-watering "texture" by processing carefully selected starches with our proprietary technology. Conventional water-retaining materials become gluey and sticky when they absorb water, but "TXdeSIGN® NEOTRUST ®" is a material that can produce a natural fluffy and mouth-feel while maintaining the original "texture" of the food product.

It is used for a wide variety of purposes, including processed meat products, sweets, and bread products.