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Information disclosure and IR

Information disclosure policy

Our company complies with the Companies Act, the Financial Securities and Exchange Act, the rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., and other laws and regulations regarding the disclosure of corporate information, and we comply with these laws and regulations, including the disclosure of information in a timely and accurate manner. We disclose information in accordance with our disclosure policy.

IR system

In order to contribute to sustainable growth and medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value, the Company has established a system and initiatives to respond to "constructive dialogue with shareholders" in a positive manner to a reasonable extent.
The IR function is housed in the Management Promotion Department as a contact point for dialogue with securities analysts, institutional and individual investors, and shareholders. For constructive dialogue with shareholders, the IR department and the directors in charge of finance and corporate planning play a central role, working together with representatives Member of the Board Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO and related departments to collect information and share it with management.
Opinions and other information from shareholders and investors obtained through dialogue are shared with the representative Member of the Board Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO, the Member of the Board in charge Executive Officer, and reported at the Member of the Board meeting as necessary, so that they can be utilized in future management.

Main activities of IR

The Company continues to strengthen its IR activities through advice from Member of the Board(Outside Director) and support from the executive body.
We are also working to promote understanding of our company through the following initiatives.

Holding regular briefings for analysts and institutional investors

We hold financial results briefings every quarter, where the president and representative Member of the Board and other management members report and explain the management overview, management policies, financial results trends, ESG-related matters, etc.

Holding small meetings with analysts and institutional investors

We hold small meetings from time to time with the aim of increasing corporate value and gaining understanding from the capital market.

Holding individual meetings for domestic and overseas institutional investors

We hold individual meetings with institutional investors in Japan and overseas (Europe, Asia, etc.).

Holding briefings on business/ESG for analysts and institutional investors

We hold briefing sessions on our business strategy, R&D, and ESG, as well as tours of Plant and facilities owned by our Group.

Posting IR materials on the website

We have posted various IR materials of our company.

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SRI index inclusion status

Please see our sustainability page.