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Responding to aging society


In Japan, the country with the longest life expectancy in the world, nutritional intake and healthy life expectancy for the elderly are issues. By reconsidering the nutritional value of nature's blessings, such as proposing efficient calorie intake through oil and maintaining healthy bones and blood vessels by providing naturally derived vitamin K2, we aim to improve the nutritional intake and health of elderly people who are lacking in nutrients. We will approach social issues such as healthy life expectancy, which is expected to be extended.


  • Vitamin K2 "menattoTM"

    Vitamin K2 is added to supplements and various processed foods as a vitamin necessary for maintaining the health of bones and blood vessels. Recently, the market is expanding as people in a wide range of life stages, including active seniors, are increasing their health-consciousness and the aging of the population.
    Our vitamin K2 "menattoTM" is a natural type extracted from bacillus natto is specially deodorized using our unique technology and can be used in a variety of foods without affecting taste or odor. Going forward, we will accelerate sales expansion not only in Japan but also overseas by appealing to and creating evidence and branding vitamin K2 "menattoTM."