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Contribution to and cooperation with local communities


In order for a company to achieve sustainable development, it is essential to deepen and strengthen communication with stakeholders from all walks of life.
Our company, which was born through the merger of companies with a history spanning more than a century since its founding, has built deep ties with stakeholders in each region by delivering products and services not only to the regions where our Plant are located, but also throughout the country. We will continue to work together in various ways to ensure that our company is loved by the local community and can grow together with them. In addition to strengthening our relationships with local communities, we will continue to explore ways to contribute to society that are appropriate for J-OIL MILLS, and we will contribute broadly to society by emphasizing dialogue with all stakeholders.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Our company actively promotes dialogue with stakeholders in order to increase credibility and improve corporate value over the medium to long term.
As interest in solving global social issues such as SDGs and building company strategies from an ESG perspective increases, customers, business partners, shareholders/investors, local communities, NPOs/NGOs, academia, employees, etc. We are promoting dialogue with various stakeholders with the aim of sharing information and working together to resolve issues and develop strategies. We are also strengthening information disclosure as a basis for promoting communication. In our IR activities, we conducted dialogue with investors and analysts through individual interviews and large meetings, and in our public relations activities, we increased the frequency of releases regarding our products and activities.
In 2023, the president, managing director, and executive in charge of production held a dialogue meeting with Mr. Tamio Yamaguchi of the Recycling Society Research Group, a specified non-profit organization that provided third-party opinions for the J-OIL MILLS report. At the dialogue meeting, after introducing our company's environmental initiatives, we had a lively exchange of opinions on how our company should develop initiatives in the future. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by understanding society's expectations and demands through dialogue with stakeholders and promoting more advanced initiatives.

Dialogue with Mr. Yamaguchi
Dialogue with Mr. Yamaguchi
2022 financial results briefing session
2022 financial results briefing session
Stakeholders Main expectations/Requests Main means of interaction Frequency
Customer Food safety and security
Pursuit of customer satisfaction
Compliance (legal compliance)
Building a relationship of trust

Customer consultation room

All year round

Communication on official SNS

At any time

Communication through daily business activities and transactions

All year round

Solution proposal

All year round

Responding to corporate survey questionnaires

All year round
Employee Occupational safety and health
Enhancing health and productivity management
Promoting DE&I
Work style reform & improved engagement
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
Providing growth opportunities
Compliance (legal compliance)

Employee awareness survey

Every year

Employee training

At any time

CDP (Career Development Program)

Every year

Communication via company newsletter and intranet

At any time

Helpline (internal reporting desk)

All year round

pulse survey

At any time

Caravan (dialogue between the president and all employees)

All year round

JOYL Talks (other department exchange meetings)


Joy for Life Dining (Town Hall Meeting)

Twice a year
Business partners Food safety and security
Building a sustainable supply chain
Fair and fair transactions

Explanation and exchange of opinions regarding procurement policy

At any time

Dialogue with producers in the country of origin of raw materials

At any time

Implementation of CSR procurement self-assessment survey

At any time
Shareholders/Investors Timely and appropriate information disclosure
Dialogue Improving corporate value
Appropriate profit return

Implementation of regular The General Meeting of Stockholders

Once a year

Holding financial results briefings

4 times a year

Holding small and large meetings

At any time

Responding to individual interviews and interviews with ESG-related investors

At any time
Community Contribution to and cooperation with local communities

Volunteer work in areas adjacent to Plant (cleaning activities, etc.)

At any time

Sponsoring local events

At any time

Support for local activities, social contribution activities

At any time
NPOs, NGOs, etc. Global information gathering
Sharing knowledge

Dialogue with external experts, NGOs, NPOs, and industry groups

At any time
Academia Sharing technology, knowledge, and human resources

Joint research

At any time

Endowed courses, etc.

At any time


  • Regional/ Plant initiatives

    The Minebea Group has production bases throughout Japan and places great importance on its relationship with the people of each region. Each production site has been working to improve its business activities from various angles by listening to the opinions and requests of local residents through daily interactions with them. Each of our production sites, including the Shizuoka Plant, Yokohama Plant, and Kobe Plant, has long been involved in cleanup activities with the objectives of "contributing to the local community and environment," "beautifying the surrounding area," "improving employees' environmental awareness," and "strengthening labor-management cooperation.
    In October 2022, in response to the large-scale water outage in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka Prefecture caused by Typhoon No. 15, Shizuoka Plant distributed drinking water and water for daily use to local residents and facilities. Going forward, we will continue to engage in dialogue with local residents as we work to solve local issues and contribute to local communities even in times of disaster, aiming to coexist with local communities even more.

    Shizuoka Office Ejiri Port winter cleaning
    Shizuoka Office Ejiri Port winter cleaning
    Shizuoka Office Water supply situation
    Shizuoka Office Water supply situation
  • Food education activities

    J-OIL MILLS is conducting food education activities, making use of its extensive knowledge and experience regarding oils and fats. In the "Summer Vacation Homework/Independent Research Project" held in 2019, our olive oil master sommelier gave an olive oil tasting lecture on the history of olive oil and the differences in taste to elementary school students and their parents, nurturing interest in a variety of foods.
    Our company has over 100 olive oil sommeliers and other qualified personnel in Japan, and they send lecturers to olive events in Kobe, Shodoshima, and other locations to raise awareness about healthy food through oil and introduce menus.

  • Support for creating a place for children

    In August 2020, our Group, in collaboration with Iceline Co., Ltd., began selling "Harenokuni soybean Cooking Oil" a private brand (PB) product for Business use oils and fats for the company. For each can of this product sold, Iceline Co., Ltd., our company, and the restaurant that purchased it will each donate the same amount, and the donation will be made to the "Creating a Place for Children" project in Okayama City for children facing difficulties such as poverty, abuse, isolation, and social withdrawal.
    As a result of approximately two years of activities until July 2022, the circle of support has steadily expanded, with approximately 200 cooperating restaurants, and donations are being distributed and utilized by organizations that operate "children's places." This is the second time the donations have been made, following the 2021 donation, and the total amount has reached 1 million yen. We will continue to carry out support activities in the future.

    *Related pre-release: Donation of 1 million yen from sales of "Hare no Kuni soybean Cooking Oil" used for Okayama City's "Creating a Place for Children" project Joint project with Iceline Co., Ltd., with 200 local restaurants participating

  • Donations to activities aimed at preserving the ocean and river environments

    Continuing from last year, we are implementing the project "JOYL Green Project - Joy to the Future," in which we donate a portion of the sales proceeds from the "Smart Green Pack®" series of convenient and earth-friendly edible oils oils in paper packs. We made a donation to JEAN, a general incorporated association that works to preserve the ocean and river environment by reducing ocean plastic. This project donates approximately 3 yen for each product in the Smart Green Pack® series, and the total donation of 906,480 yen will be used for marine plastic reduction activities.

    *Related pre-release: A portion of the proceeds from the "Smart Green Pack®"series of edible oils in paper packs will be donated to activities that protect the environment of oceans and rivers | Press Room | JOYL -J-OIL MILLS (j-oil .com)

    Donations to activities aimed at preserving the ocean and river environments
  • On-site classes for elementary school students “Learning Festival 2023 Summer”

    In August 2023, we exhibited at "Learning Festival 2023 Summer," an on-site class for elementary school students sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd. and Mainichi Shogakusei Shimbun. Our company held a class on oil and an olive oil tasting under the theme of "Become an Olive Doctor." Approximately 2,000 elementary school students and their parents attended the event, and our booth was a great success. As a company involved in food, we will continue to carry out various initiatives such as food education activities.

    On-site classes for elementary school students “Learning Festival 2023 Summer”
  • Sponsoring the “Kobe Olive Festival”

    In March 2022, the "Kobe Olive Festival" was held in the "Kobe Kitano Kobo Town" for the local community to learn about and enjoy the connection between Kobe and olives. On the day of the event, various events related to olives were held, as well as an olive oil tasting course given by our employees.

    Sponsoring the “Kobe Olive Festival”
  • Parent-child Plant tour “We are Sanpai* Detective Team”

    In August 2023, in response to a request from the Shizuoka Prefecture Industrial Waste Association, a public interest incorporated association, we held Plant tour for parents and children to think about industrial waste, which is a big part of our daily lives, through tours of industrial waste generating Plant and industrial waste treatment facilities. The academic conference "We Are Sanpai* Detective Team" was held at Shizuoka Office. During the tour, we also explained initiatives to reduce industrial waste and various environmentally friendly products.  *Abbreviation for Industrial Waste

    Parent-child Plant tour “We are Sanpai* Detective Team”

Social contribution expenditure amount