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Creation of taste and promotion of health


"Abura" has a variety of values that go beyond its cooking purpose of "frying," and is useful in creating all kinds of foods that surround our daily lives. J-OIL MILLS leverages its knowledge as a group of oil experts cultivated over many years to meet customer needs by thoroughly pursuing the added value of oil and by multiplying our strengths with starch materials, etc. We are working to create " Good taste" and "health."
We established the "Oisha Design Oishisa design studio" in order to realize our mission of becoming a "Oishisa design Company" that masters "oil"and creates Good taste. This is a complex presentation facility equipped with a kitchen, bakery, and office, with the aim of strengthening our ability to propose solutions and disseminating new Good taste both inside and outside the company. We aim to achieve sustainable growth by leveraging our unique technologies and solutions.

Oishisa design studio
Oishisa design studio

Main initiatives /Goals

  • Mastering "oil" and combining it with other ingredients to create "Good Taste", "fun" and "health".
  • 3 Health and well-being for all
  • 12 Responsible production and consumption


  • Development and sales of health-conscious products

    At our company, we promote the inherent nutritional value of oil and promote the development and sale of health-conscious products. For example, JOYL “AJINOMOTO Healthy Sarara®︎  is a food for specified health uses that lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood. ”, JOYL "AJINOMOTO Perilla oil", a nutritionally functional food rich in omega-3 (n-3 fatty acids), and JOYL "AJINOMOTO Flaxseed oil". In addition, from August 2023, JOYL "AJINOMOTO Mainichi Flaxseed oil", Japan's first food with functional claims, which has been reported to have skin-related functions due to alpha-linolenic acid, was launched nationwide.
    edible oils is not only one of the three major nutrients, but is also expected to have various health functions including fat-soluble trace components.