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Reforming our corporate culture and mindset


In order for a company to adapt to a rapidly changing external environment and to constantly evolve, it is necessary to create an environment that is open and allows each and every employee to freely express his or her opinions. Toward the realization of "Joy for Life ®︎", which is the future we should aim for, we are working on Reforming our corporate culture and mindset along with reforms in the way we work, such as activities to spread our new corporate philosophy system, creating an environment where people can talk across organizational boundaries, and adopting a free address system to strengthen communication for the creation of innovation. We are also working on the creation of a free address system to enhance communication for the creation of innovation.


  • Strengthening dialogue between management and employees

    Our Group values the connection between management and the field. By communicating with each other and sharing current issues, we are helping to unify the organization to realize management strategies.

    Town Hall Meeting (Joy for Life ® Dining)
    Initiatives details We provide opportunities for management members to provide explanations to all employees regarding the current state of our company and future policies.
    In fiscal 2022, communication focused on explaining the financial results.
    Number of implementations 3 times (FY2022)
    participant Management members x all employees
    Direct dialogue between president and employees (caravan)
    Initiatives details Every year, we hold a direct dialogue between the president and employees based on a theme appropriate to that year.
    This is a measure that reduces the number of people on site and places more emphasis on dialogue.
    In fiscal 2022, we worked to promote understanding under the theme of "Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan (Review)."
    Number of implementations 35 times (2022)
    participant Top management x all employees
    Direct dialogue between department heads and employees (JOYL Talks)
    Initiatives details The speakers were the heads of each department, who shared their organization's mission, role, and career history, and provided an opportunity for questions and answers.
    The aim is to learn about people and work at other workplaces so that you can utilize it for your own career.
    Number of implementations 14 times
    (2022, 2023 total)
    participant Each department manager x all employees *Voluntary participation
    Dialogue meeting due to organizational reform
    Initiatives details In line with the organizational reform in July 2023, management members visited each location and directly explained the new system to all employees.
    We also deepened our dialogue with employees regarding their opinions, questions, and requests.
    Number of implementations 16 times
    participant Management members x all employees
    JOYL Talks
    JOYL Talks
    Dialogue meeting due to organizational reform
    Dialogue meeting due to organizational reform
  • Corporate philosophy penetration activities

    The corporate philosophy system newly established in April 2021 was divided into four steps: recognition, understanding, practice, and confirmation, and activities were carried out to disseminate it within the company. Specific activities include holding company-wide caravans (dialogue between the president and all employees) that have been held more than 100 times, informally discussing the corporate philosophy within the department and sharing it through internal social networking initiatives, and holding three meetings to confirm the level of understanding. We conducted a pulse survey once a month.
    In 2023, we reviewed our corporate philosophy instillation activities in line with the organizational reform in July. After two years of activities, we have achieved a certain degree of penetration of our corporate philosophy, and from now on, we will renew our activities with the aim of improving engagement while keeping the corporate philosophy as an important pillar, and with the goal of enabling each employee to demonstrate their abilities. Building.

  • Utilization of internal bulletin board (SNS)

    In July 2018, we began operating a new internal SNS as a place for information sharing to allow each employee to disseminate their own know-how and information and to collaborate across organizational boundaries.
    We create communities for each theme, such as introducing daily work, product information, and cooking prototypes, and actively communicate among employees working in our Group.
    Additionally, since April 2018, we have been operating a linkage board (internal bulletin board). The linkage board is an internal communication tool that allows employees to share information through simple posts, and any employee of our Group can view and post on it, in order to further invigorate internal exchanges.

  • Club activities

    In order to deepen friendships among employees across the company, beyond departmental boundaries, and to revitalize the company and create a more open-minded organization, we provide assistance to club activities that meet certain standards, and provide support through club activities. We are promoting communication among employees.

    Club name
    Kobe golf club
    Kobe soft baseball club
    Shizuoka golf club
    Futsal club
    Figure skating spectator technology research club
    Fishing club
    Running club
    Badminton club
    English conversation club
    Nagoya Sports Club
    Tennis club
    Solo camping club
    Fried school
    Yokohama Golf Club
    Club activities

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