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Food loss reduction and stable supply


Food loss is food that is still edible but is thrown away. There are people all over the world who suffer from hunger due to poverty and conflict, and the food that is produced is thrown away before it can be consumed.
initiatives to reduce food loss and effective use of limited resources will reduce environmental impact and lead to a stable food supply.


  • Reduce food loss by improving texture

    As the demand for ready-to-eat ready-made meal such as prepared dishes and boxed lunches to be taken home and eaten at home is increasing, there is a growing need to suppress deterioration over time and to retain moisture in food, which contributes to extending best-before and expiration dates. We provide texture improvement solutions that combine starch, a plant-based raw material made from corn and tapioca, with our proprietary technology. Texture is an important element of Good taste. By leveraging our unique ingredients and technological capabilities that utilize ingredients, we create the textures that our customers are looking for, such as chewy, crunchy, and juicy, and achieve Good taste. Our proprietary material NEOTRUST has the ability to retain both moisture and oil, allowing us to create a variety of textures without sacrificing Good taste of the original ingredients. It is possible to reproduce the pulpy texture of ingredients in sauces and soups, and to maintain the crispiness of Fried food batter, which not only improves Good taste, but also suppresses deterioration over time, conservation of food resources, and reduces food loss, which is common throughout the world. We will contribute to solving social issues.