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Human resource development


We believe that allowing employees to express their individuality and grow autonomously will lead to the sustainable growth of J-OIL MILLS Group as a whole, and we will continue to focus on human resource development.

Main initiatives /Goals

  • Establish various systems for human resource development and develop an educational foundation for each level.
  • 4 High-quality education for everyone
  • 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • 10 Let's eliminate inequality among people and countries


  • Personnel system

    We have revised the personnel system for general and managerial personnel, and have begun full-scale operation from fiscal 2019. The general craftsmanship system has a system philosophy of "individual-oriented career formation" and we have also enriched the educational system to support each employee, with the aim of respecting each employee and helping them chart and realize their own careers. In addition, under the management personnel system, we have adopted the philosophy of "continually evolving 'transformation leaders." Rather than growing as an extension of what we have done in the past, we aim to flexibly leverage our own strengths in line with changes in the environment and advances in technology. Our aim is to continue to evolve.

    Overview of personnel system
    Overview of personnel system
  • Training and education

    We are working to develop "human resources that we look forward to" in order to realize value creation. As the external environment continues to change significantly, our company has reorganized its approach to training systems in 2023 in order to support the development and growth of human resources. In order to support the "autonomous growth" of each individual, we provide educational opportunities of various types and methods, rather than uniformly. In addition to various rank-specific training such as executive training and managerial management training, we also offer competitive training (training that allows you to view yourself objectively and gain points for growth by participating in and collaborating with external projects), business schools, and correspondence training. We provide educational opportunities to help students acquire the necessary knowledge, develop their mindset, and motivate them.
    In the future, we will continue to enhance flexibility and variety in order to provide optimal opportunities for individuals.

    Overview of training and education
    Overview of training and education
  • Promotion of autonomous career development (CDP)

    In 2018, we introduced the Career Development Program (CDP) system to promote autonomous career development and grow together with our employees. You will look back on your past and present, clarify your future career, what you want to be, your own values and aspirations, and fill out a career design sheet in detail. After that, each employee will form an autonomous career by having a meeting with their superior and clarifying who they want to be.

  • Training for future executive candidates (J-LEADERS)

    The leaders who will be responsible for the future of our company are expected to accurately grasp the times, envision the next generation of J-OIL MILLS, and lead the organization toward that vision.
    In order to develop such leaders, this training focuses not on acquiring so-called technical skills and knowledge, but on the inner self of the individual while deepening their thinking through dialogue with colleagues, in order to establish an "unwavering sense of self." The aim is to build your own "axis" by doing so.