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Enhancing health and productivity management

Health management declaration

Our employees are the driving force for J-OIL MILLS to achieve stable growth over the medium to long term. We place importance on ensuring that each and every employee continues to work in a healthy state of mind and body, and we advocate Enhancing health and productivity management.
We also provide opportunities for delicious, low-impact nutritional intake and contribute to maintaining the health of society.


Led by Executive Officer of human resources, together with health management promotion personnel centered on the human resources department, we are promoting various initiatives such as employee health checkups, continuous monitoring of stress check results, and health campaigns in collaboration with health insurance associations. I am. In addition, based on the results of the engagement survey, we share scores by department and conduct activities to resolve issues within the organization.


  • Stress check

    In order to support the mental health of our employees, we have a system in place that includes stress checks once a year, as well as interviews with our in-house industrial physician and interviews and e-mail consultations with outside physicians. We are also considering a new support system in which the same counselor will be available to support employees from the time they are on leave until after they return to work. Furthermore, we conduct mental health training for managers as part of our line care, and we have established and developed an "Awareness Cycle" with the Safety and Health Committee as initiatives to prevent people from becoming mentally ill.
    We will continue to further enhance our systems and education, and promote activities to support the health of each employee.

  • Health support

    As measures to support the health of our employees, we have created an environment where employees can work in good health by providing subsidies for the cost of medical checkups and brain checkups, subsidies for gynecological examinations, and the introduction of the health management app "Karomama Plus" for all employees. It is working. From 2022, we will also actively participate in walking events using this app and health events sponsored by external organizations. In addition, we are implementing initiatives to motivate employees, such as health video distribution and health seminars. Many male employees also participate in seminars focused on women's health, and we feel that there is a growing awareness of women's health issues.
    We are also striving to enhance industrial physician activities and work to provide both mental and physical support.

    Health support walking event
  • Realizing efficient work styles

    With the aim of clarifying the most efficient way of working and improving the quality of work execution and maximizing the value created, our company realizes an efficient work style in which employees can engage in their work in a healthy and energetic manner. To this end, we have set specific company-wide goals and are taking measures to eliminate long working hours.
    In order to further strengthen labor management, we hold briefing sessions for managers and above, promote operational improvements, and continuously monitor trends in overtime hours.

  • Certified as a "2024 Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation" (large corporation category)

    On March 11, 2024, we were certified as a "2024 Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation" (large corporation category) jointly recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi*. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have been certified since the year before last. In recent years, the measures we have been particularly focusing on among the certification requirements are the promotion of work-life balance and measures against excessive work. We are optimizing work hours by stamping system logs, renewing labor management guidelines, training for managers, long-term alerts on the system, and encouraging employees to take consecutive holidays. We are also focusing on enhancing industrial physician activities. We are working closely with industrial physicians to improve the frequency and quality of consultations and to be involved in health measures, so that we can support both mental and physical health.

    Nippon Kenko Kaigi: An organization in which private organizations work together to carry out effective activities with full support from the government in order to extend the healthy life expectancy and appropriate medical care for each and every citizen in Japan, where the birthrate is rapidly declining and the population is aging. active body. The aim is for private organizations such as economic organizations, medical organizations, and insurers, as well as local governments, to work together to implement concrete countermeasures in workplaces and local communities.