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Contribution to nutritional intake and management


We will contribute to nutritional intake and management by utilizing our unique technology and the nutritional components extracted in the oil manufacturing process.


  • Development and sales of health-conscious products

    In addition to promoting the nutritional value inherent in oil, we are developing and marketing products with health in mind. For example, we sell food for specified health use, JOYL "AJINOMOTO Healthy Sarara," which lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood, and nutritional foods rich in omega-3 (n-3 fatty acids), JOYL "AJINOMOTO Perilla oil" and JOYL "AJINOMOTO Flaxseed oil". edible oils is expected to have various health functions not only as one of the three major nutrients but also as a fat-soluble trace component.

  • Research and development that contributes to society in terms of health and nutrition through materials and technology

    We commercialize oils and powders containing vitamin K2 extracted from bacillus natto, an important ingredient essential for maintaining bone health. Our vitamin K2 "menattoTM" is a natural type extracted from bacillus natto is specially deodorized using our unique technology and can be used in a variety of foods without affecting taste or odor. Recently, with the rise in health consciousness and the aging of the population, the needs of people in a wide range of life stages, including active seniors, are increasing.
    We are also developing low-salt materials using fats and oils. We were the first in Japan to commercialize an oil and fat product that applies the phenomenon that "oil affects the five tastes through cooking." We take advantage of Good Taste, especially in response to "reduced salt," which tends to reduce Good Taste We propose a solution approach. In addition, we are also conducting research into the health functions of resistant starch, which regulates intestinal bacteria, and polyphenols, which are the flavor components of olive oil.
    Starting with oil, we will continue to contribute to people's health maintenance.