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Protein crisis response


There are concerns about food shortages due to world population growth and environmental changes, but the future shortage of protein contained in meat, fish, etc. is a particular problem, and is called the "protein crisis." It is considered a global issues. Livestock farming requires many resources, including grain and water to feed the livestock, and farmland to grow the grain. Furthermore, methane emitted from the stomach and intestines of cows is the second most influential greenhouse gas after CO2, and is an environmental problem that cannot be ignored. Therefore, in recent years, expectations have been growing for the development of alternative foods that utilize plant proteins, which have a lower environmental impact than animal proteins.
By combining ingredients such as "Oil", "Starch", and "Protein" and protein with our unique technology, we provide delicious, healthy, and low-impact foods, contributing to people's health and initiatives environmental impact. We recommend.


  • Plant-based food (PBF)

    In May 2020, our company entered into an agreement with Upfield GEC Limited, one of the world's leading companies that develops PBF products for general consumers, regarding the exclusive import and sale of "Violife" in Japan. We have signed a contract. Through our partnership with Upfield, we will enter the domestic dairy PBF* market, which is expected to grow in the future, and develop PBF products as a new pillar of earnings for the future.
    Plant-based cheese Household use was launched in the Kanto area under the brand name "Violife" in the fall of 2021, launched on Amazon Marketplace in February 2022, and expanded to nationwide launch in March. Sales of Business use products are also increasing, with products being adopted by major cafe chains. In addition, we use a combination of our products, including texture materials (starch), flavor oil JOYL PRO Series ®, and vegetable protein ingredients, to create a juicy and grainy texture that cannot be achieved with vegetable proteins alone. This makes it possible to add flavor and mask off-flavors. We offer plant-based meat that is thoroughly focused on Good taste to customers who restaurant and ready-made meal, and have received high praise. In addition to selling Violife, we aim to achieve "health" and "reducing environmental impact (low impact)" while focusing on "Good taste" by expanding plant-based foods, which are of increasing social interest. We will take this approach.