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Due to the rapid changes in the environment surrounding us, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, globalization, and global warming, people's values are also changing significantly. The diversification of values has led to a variety of lifestyles, including "solitary meals," in which people eat alone, "individual meals," in which each member of the family eats separate meals, and "ready-to-eat meals," in which each member of the family eats a separate meal, and "ready-to ready-made meal" in which people buy side dishes or bento boxes and eat them at home. Eating habits are also becoming more diverse, such as an increase in the number of people. We respond to the needs of customers with diverse modern eating habits and values, and provide value based on the themes of good taste, health, and low burden domestically and internationally, and contribute to solving social issues. I will continue to contribute.


  • Texture material

    As demand for ready-made meal and take-out food increases, there is a growing need for improved textures, such as suppressing deterioration over time and improving juiciness through moisture retention. In the 6th Medium-Term Business Plan, in addition to the conventional texture material "NEOTRUST," we will utilize texture materials in various cooking situations, centering on the new series "TXdeSIGN," and develop applications unique to our company. By providing these services, we will contribute to solving customers' issues.

  • Plant-based food (PBF)

    Our Group proposes plant-based foods (PBF) with a focus on Good taste to our customers, and provides food that meets diversifying lifestyles such as vegans and flexitarians. By combining our products, including starch products, flavor oil JOYL PRO Series®, and plant-based protein ingredients, we are able to create juicy and grainy textures that cannot be achieved with plant-based proteins alone, as well as the unique texture of meat. It makes it possible to add flavor and reproduce a more natural flavor that suits each food. We also provide and develop dairy-based PBF products, including the sale of the Violife series of plant-based cheeses.

    Plant-based food (PBF)