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Pursuit of customer satisfaction


Our strength lies in our "customer response solutions," which combine various materials and technologies based on "customer needs" and turn them into value. In order to respond to diversifying social issues and customer needs, we use our advanced technical capabilities, proposal capabilities, and on-site capabilities to explore materials such as oil and texture materials (starch), bring out their potential, and create diverse value. I am. We consider customers such as restaurant, ready-made meal meals, and processed food manufacturers to be our business partners, and utilize the needs of the field in research and development and product strategy. In addition, the Customer Consultation Office utilizes suggestions and opinions received through direct dialogue with consumers to improve the usability and quality of Household use products.

Overview Pursuit of customer satisfaction

Oishisa design studio

"Oil" has various values beyond its cooking purpose of "frying" and is useful in the creation of all kinds of food that surrounds our lives. By utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated over many years as a group of "oil" experts, we will thoroughly pursue the added value of "oil" and combine it with multiplying our strengths texture materials (starch), etc., to contribute to Good taste, people's health, and reducing the burden on society and the environment.
In 2018, we established the "Oishisa design studio" to realize our mission of becoming a "Oishisa design company" that masters oils and creates Good taste. It is a complex presentation facility equipped with a kitchen, bakery, and office functions to strengthen our solution proposal capabilities and promote new Good taste both inside and outside the company. The "Oishisa design studio" aims to achieve sustainable growth by utilizing our unique technology and solutions.

Oishisa design studio


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