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Contributing to reducing customer work and workload


By providing products and services using our unique technology, we contribute not only to Good taste but also to reducing work and workload.


Cho Toku series of Business use oil and fat products

Our proprietary technology, SUSTEC®, allows oil to last 30% longer than regular oil by increasing the time between oil changes while maintaining Good taste. This not only reduces the amount of raw materials (grain) used, which are natural resources, but also reduces activities throughout the supply chain, from raw material procurement to transportation, storage, production processes, and product shipping, which also reduces CO2 emissions. It is expected that this can be reduced to

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Business use oil products “JOYL PRO Series®︎” series

In addition to stable procurement of restaurant materials, cooking sites for ready-made meal and ready-made meals require the skills and labor of cooks.However, as the working population is decreasing due to the declining birthrate and aging population, it is necessary to meet the diverse needs of consumers. It is becoming difficult to respond adequately. For this reason, we have a rich lineup of seasoning oils and cooking oils under the JOYL PRO Series®︎ brand that allows you to easily create authentic Good taste, supporting the lack of skill in cooking, reducing effort (time saving), and stable procurement. By doing so, we will help restaurant and ready-made ready-made meal preparation sites meet the needs of consumers while achieving sustainability, and spread the joy of food throughout the world.

Business use oils and fats products "JOYL PRO Series" series

High value added starch products

J-OIL MILLS 's strength lies in its ability to handle both stirrup and starch ingredients. Taking advantage of the strength of being able to create various features by combining them, we are developing Solution Business that proposes high-value-added products for major restaurant, ready-made meal, and processed foods. starch materials "NEOTRUST®", which absorbs both water and oil, achieves the tenderness and juiciness of freshly prepared meat dishes, and the crispiness (crispiness) of fried foods. In addition, the high water-holding capacity of starch materials "High Trust®" can be dispersed between the fibers of the meat to maintain the juiciness and texture of the cooked product for a long time.
By developing starch materials that can contribute to the reproduction and maintenance of Good taste, texture, and flavor, we would like to actively work to solve social issues problems such as providing freshly made Good taste and reducing food loss.

High value added starch products