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Business Overview

The primary focus of the J-Oil Mills Group is on edible-oil production and related businesses. In this section we introduce the numerous business operations by which we reward our customers for the trust they place in us.
The J-Oil Mills Group offers ingredients, primarily vegetable oils, that serve as the base for a wide variety of foods. In addition to contributing to a rich and healthful diet, the safe and reliable foods we offer serve a wide range of customer needs, supported by the Group’s unique skills and technologies.

Oils and Fats Business Unit

Business Overview

As professionals in oil seeking to realize “Oishisa design,” In our oils and fats business, we supply a wide range of products, from general-purpose products used in a variety of applications, to high-value-added products that add functionality to oil and increase its usefulness in the domains of cooking, flavoring and health. Based on firm foundation of realizing safety and security for our customers, we contribute to the resolution of issues faced by our customers and by society through these business activities. In concrete terms, we strive to contribute to our customers on three points: ① Enabling oil to be used in an ideal condition; ② Realizing appealing tastes through oil; and ③ Realizing health through oil.
Business Overview

● Household-use Oils and Fats
In the household-use oils and fats domain, we have created a lineup offering a wide variety of products that deliver both flavor and health to our customers, including the AJINOMOTO® Olive Oil series, the top-selling brand in the Japanese olive oil market, AJINOMOTO® Kenko Plus, an oil possessing additional nutritional functions, and the special health food AJINOMOTO® Kenko Sarara. In addition, we are also adding to our lineup of flavored and seasoning oils, designed to enable users to realize authentic flavors in their cooking simply by using oil. In fall 2018, we added a Fried Rice Oil and a Sichuan Pepper Oil to our lineup.

Business Overview

● Professional-use Oils and Fats
In the professional-use oils and fats domain, we revamped our Cho Cho Toku Toku series of oils, which our proprietary technologies enable to be used for extended periods, making their usable life even longer. In addition, we added a Grilling Oil to the J-OILPRO® Seasoning Oils for the Professional Cook series lineup. The new oil heightens the aromas produced when meat is grilled on a strong direct flame, the flavors experienced when meat is roasted, and also improves the flavor of meat dishes. This addition has enhanced our ability to make proposals that assist our customers in solving the issues they encounter in flavoring dishes.

● Oilseed Meals
The dregs left over from the processing of raw materials such as soybeans and canola seeds in order to extract oil, known as meal, contain considerable amounts of high-quality proteins and sugars, and is used in a wide variety of applications. Soybean meal is used as an ingredient in mixed feeds and as a raw material in the brewing of soy sauce, while canola meal finds application as an ingredient in organic fertilizers and mixed feeds.

Specialty Food Products Business Unit

Business Overview
We put our commitment and desire into the name of “Specialty”, wishing that our unique products deliver value to the customer. Our business goal is to contribute to solve the social issues such as good taste, health, and lower environmental impact by our unique products (oil, starch and protein which are of plant origin) and application technologies, both in Japan and overseas.

● Dairy-based Plant Base Food business
The dairy-based plant-based food (PBF) market is rapidly expanding worldwide driven by social factors such as health consciousness and environmental concerns, and is expected to continue growing going forward. In the fall of 2021, under the brand name "Violife," we launched five plant-based cheese and butter products for household-use in the Kanto region, as well as four products for commercial use nationwide. Later, in March 2022, we expanded the sales area of our household-use products nationwide. Moving forward, we will continue to accelerate both expansion of the PBF market and the proliferation of our brand, providing products with new value that fulfill the needs of our customers. For oil and fat processed products such as margarines and shortenings, we have developed and marketed many product lines by leveraging our proprietary processing and taste-enhancing technologies. In addition to marketing our long-standing brands such as "Rama®" and "Meister®" for over 50 years, we have recently developed distinctive products that combine starches and processed oils and fats for a wide range of applications, from household-use to commercial use.

● Food Material business
In the Food Ingredient business, we develop and sell starch products made from corn and tapioca, functional materials for supplements, processed foods, and cosmetics, as well as soy protein foods. For starch products, we provide customers with "texture solutions" to design textures through our "TXdeSIGN" series of value-added products that improve texture by leveraging our proprietary processing technologies.
As for functional materials, we utilize our extraction and refining technologies to process trace ingredients such as "tocopherol (vitamin E)," "soy isoflavone," and "vitamin K2" derived from bacillus natto into products that customers can easily use in supplements and processed foods. In addition, we are expanding sales of vegetable oils and vitamins for use in cosmetic ingredients. By using unique ingredients that unlock the potential of plants and nature, we support the achievement of healthier lifestyles.

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