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Corporate Philosophy

We have established a new corporate philosophy that represents the future we aim for, our mission, our value, our raison d’être. We have also introduced the new “communication brand” JOYL, a portmanteau of Joy and Oil. We will apply this new JOYL brand in corporate activities that are in line with our new corporate philosophy. We will also utilize the new “communication brand” to accumulate our value created in communications with all our stakeholders and turn this value into assets.

Joy for Life

What our “communication brand” represents


Our new “communications brand”, JOYL, is a way to express our philosophy of joy.
As a supplier of edible oils by reaping nature’s potential to support diets,
we aim to bring joy to the people through our attention to minimizing environmental impact.

Our theme color is green, drawing attention to the plants that produce oils, starches, and proteins.
The color also expresses our determination to contribute to a sustainable future.

Three colors of the oil drop represent our determination to maximize the joy we create and include the following meanings;

1) to quest for the knowledge and technology to harness nature’s bounty,
2) to create joy by exceeding stakeholders’ expectations,
3) to interact with people and society.

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