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Corporate Vision

Joy for Life J-オイルミルズ

Edible oil is a nutrient essential for life.
We use it to deep-fry, stir-fry and bake food. It’s also food in its own right.
We use it every day, at home, at restaurants, in box lunches and side dishes.

Oil has a deliciousness all its own.
There is no flavor—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, mellow, spicy—that isn’t made deeper and richer by the use of oil.
And flavor isn’t all. Edible oils entertain the five senses, making food look better, sound better as it crackles and sizzles, more fragrant.
That’s the unique appeal of oils.

Oil is filled with potential yet untapped.
At J-Oil Mills Co., Ltd., we believe that oil, used as food, medicine, fuel and cosmetics, has many more uses yet to be discovered.

“Joy for Life” is the phrase we at J-Oil Mills happened upon as we sought to paint a picture of the bright future we are aiming for.
As we work on designs for delicious flavors as the world’s greatest edible-oil fans, exploring their secrets to the fullest and moving the spirit with their deliciousness, we are striving to increase the deliciousness and happiness in people’s lives everywhere.
Making that future a reality is J-Oil Mills’s Joy for Life.

Joy for Life J-オイルミルズ


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