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With the exception of statements of historical fact, the information posted on this website for shareholders and investors consists of forecasts of future business results. Said information is based on the judgment of J-Oil Mills in view of information available at the time of publication. These statements necessarily contain elements of risk and uncertainty. Please be aware that actual results may differ from these forecasts.


J-Oil Mills has taken great pains to ensure that the content posted on this website is true and accurate. However, J-Oil Mills shall not be liable, and accepts no liability whatsoever, for any damage caused by errors in the information, tampering of data by third parties, damage or loss during download of data, or for any other damage whatsoever arising from the information published on this website.


The information published on this website is provided not for the purpose of selling or inviting the purchase of J-Oil Mills shares but to deepen the broader public’s understanding of J-Oil Mills and to provide information about its management. J-Oil Mills cautions against basing investment decisions entirely on the information provided on this website. Readers are urged to make investment decisions based on their own responsibility and judgment.

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