In October 2017 the J-Oil Mills Group formulated a new corporate philosophy:
Supported by the value we create,
We frame our Vision as the fulfillment of our Mission” “Creating Joy for Life” by “mastering edible oils to design delicious flavors that move the soul.” That Vision is encapsulated in the oildrop below.
The Mission was formulated through dialogue with everyone working at J-Oil Mills, incorporating the thoughts of many individuals regarding the Company’s Vision.


This word expresses the ideal future for J-Oil Mills that the Company strives to attain. It is our urgent desire for the future, toward which we progress continuously through constant efforts.


This word expresses the social mission that we must fulfill now and in the future.
It provides the motive force by which we leverage our one-of-a-kind strengths to create new value.


“Value” refers to the love we pour into our work every day to create oils that have no superior anywhere, building continuously on the assets meticulously cultivated by our forerunners.
We constantly work to burnish and improve all of these unique assets.

Joy for Life