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We work to help bring about a sustainable society,
dealing with the changes in society as we embody
“Joy for Life® -Bringing joy to the future by food”.

The environment surrounding food is fraught with a host of challenges, including climate change, resource depletion, food loss, health issues, and human rights issues in the supply chain. Moreover, with no signs of abating, the COVID-19 has wrought major changes in people’s lifestyles, in their values and behaviors.

The J-Oil Mills Group has formulated “Joy for Life®- Bringing joy to the future by food” as the Corporate Philosophy that represents the future we aim for. By delivering new values that draw on the bounty of plant life, we contribute to the resolution of social issues and help bring about a sustainable society.

We stipulate the ideal vision for the Group in March 2031, and are working to address four materialities: reducing environmental impact, maintaining food resources, contributing to human health through food, and business continuity foundation. Our aim is to grow together with society by collaborating with customers, business partners, local communities, and various other stakeholders. Fruits of the plan so far include the Cho Toku series of products that contribute to reducing workloads and costs for customers, and household paper pack products that address calls for a plastic-free society. We take further measures both to achieve growth in new areas and to address social issues.

Grounded in ESG management with creating good taste, we continue to deal with the issues associated with both eating and creating to help make a better society.

Tatsuya Sato

April 2022
Tatsuya Sato
President and CEO

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